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Cable Guys Van Key Dead Island 2

During your adventures you may have come across a locked van in the Bel-Air region. To unlock the van, this will require you to find the Cable Guys Van Key! Fortunately it is fairly straight forward to obtain so lets take a look at how!

In Dead Island 2, you will often come across a huge amount of different weapons and containers, some containers however can drop some of the best weapons in the game. The Cable guy’s van is an example of this.

Cable Guys Van Key Location

cable guys van key featured image

To find the location of the van key, you need to make your way back to the Bel-Air region specifically at night. This will not work if you travel there during the day. Be aware that you need to have located the Cable Van Trunk itself, shown on the map below along with the key location.

To reach this part of the game, you will need to follow the main story by travelling to the Halperin Hotel, and then make a return to the Bel-Air region during the night. Once you have arrived back at Bel-Air, head to the Cable Van again. Follow the road north of the Van itself and eventually you will be faced with a Shocker zombie named “The Cable Guy”.

After killing the zombie, collect the Cable Guys Van Key and head back to the Van itself south of the zombie to claim your rewards! With this you should obtain a powerful weapon that has a shock styled effect on it.

That’s it! Enjoy your new-found loot and power upgrade after opening the Van with the Cable Guys Van key. For more information on Dead Island 2, such as guides – click here. For all your searching needs, check out our fully interactive map!


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