Laundry Room Locker Key Location

Dead Island 2: Laundry Room Locker Key

Laundry Room Locker Key Location

Do you need the key to the laundry room locker in Dead Island 2? Dead Island 2’s Halperin Hotel is littered with locked safes and containers that can only be accessed with the correct keys.

Even though many other keys are spread around the hotel, the key to the locker in the laundry room is one of the most elusive. The reason for this is that once the player has advanced through the game and returned to the Halperin Hotel, then you will be able to find the special zombie which will appear and you must defeat them for the key.

This Dead Island 2 tutorial will show you where to go, in order to obtain the Laundry Room Locker Key. This will unlock a chest containing a lethal weapon.

How to Obtain the Laundry Room Locker Key

Laundry Room Locker Key

The instructions for obtaining the Laundry Room Locker Key in Dead Island 2 are as follows:

– Finish the main objective titled “Plumbing the Depths.”

– It’s time to return to the Halperin.

– The location of the outdoor wedding arch is indicated on the map.

– Eliminate the Karaoke Bridesmaid to obtain the Locker Key to the Laundry Room.

If you find yourself in need of doing laundry while staying at the Halperin Hotel, feel free to utilize the laundry facilities on the second floor. 

There are a lot of zombies in the hotel, so you need to be on the watch at all times. If they come back when there are more Apex Zombies to kill, it will be even more difficult. They have access to incredible armament and explosives, allowing them to quickly and easily leave any situation.

Laundry Room Locker Key

If you get to the second level, you’ll find the washing room entrance immediately past a trolley with bags and a pink neon Halperin Hotel sign. There’s a storage area for dirty clothes in the basement.

Laundry Room Locker Key

You can gain access to the Laundry Room Locker Key if you have completed the mission Plumbing the Depths. Since Plumbing the Depths is the 18th of Dead Island 2’s 24 main missions, completing the game will take some time. You may easily get back to the Halperin Hotel and resume your search for the key by using the fast-travel system.

Some Strategies to defeat Karaoke Bridesmaid as follows. All the adjacent zombies hear them screaming, which is bad news. When facing off against Screamers in Dead Island 2, you need either go in close and dish out constant damage or utilize ranged weapons to keep their distance. The key to the laundry room locker will be dropped when the Karaoke Bridesmaid is defeated.

Outside the Diamond Ballroom, where you battled Becki the Bride, is where they’ll find the Laundry Room Locker Key. There should be a Voltaic Screamer ready to go under the name of Karaoke Bridesmaid in the ceremony room. Voltaic Screamers have a loud, piercing screech that sends forth sparks of lightning and throws back players.

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