Dead Island 2 Your First 11 Minutes

Warning SPOILERS, This article covers the first 11 minutes of Dead Island 2 gameplay. The opening scenes and tutorial, This article is for those on the fence about Dead Island 2. Lets go through Dead Island 2 Your First 11 Minutes Together.

Dead Island 2: The First 11 Minutes

Dead Island 2 Your First 11 Minutes

After choosing your Slayer your thrown into the starting cut scene and your first experience within Dead Island 2, You wake up on an upside down crashed plane with a piece of metal impaling your chosen Slayer. In a quick lapse of judgement you pull out this piece of metal, forgetting its the only thing keeping your insides well on the inside.

The second you pull it out your Slayer starts to bleed uncontrollably, finding a med kit is now the number one priority. After you find the conveniently placed plane medical kit and heal up you’re off to the races, you find your way out of the plane into the inferno outside.

Immediately after jumping up and out of the plane you woke up in you’re greeted to a post apocalyptic scene with the necessary amount of plane debris and fire. There is hope though, you notice a rescue flare being launched not to far way from you. Logically its time to make your way there to see who might have fired it, on the way you find your first melee weapon and some clues as to what might have caused the plane crash and subsequent scenes.

After almost dying in an explosion caused by a plane engine you continue to make your way down to the location of the flare while getting used to the controls and movement of the game, in an almost tutorial like manner. once you get closer to the location of the flare a second one gets shot up and you start to hear voices.

Dead Island 2 Your First 11 Minutes

Emma Jont

Upon entering another part of the destroyed plane as you get closer to the voices they are alerted to your presence due to a bagage hatch opening and dropping the luggage inside.

After almost getting your skull bashed in by a man named Micheal you exchange brief greetings and after briefly taking in an argument Micheal is having with a woman you notice another man who’s ears are bleeding. You comment on his current situation and check on the man who’s been temporarily deafened by the crash and can’t understand you in the slightest. After explaining who Emma Jont is and why you should help get her home you hear a brief and subtle moaning from behind a piece of the debris. A man and his wife find themselves trapped.

Both look to be in rough shape with the wife unconscious and the man trapped from the waste down by a large piece of debris. After an unsuccessful attempt at freeing the couple Micheal, Emma and the deaf stranger decide they would much prefer saving themselves. Emma gives you her address before taking off with Micheal and the stranger in tow.

Emma Jont

Alone? and in need of help

You now find yourself alone trying to free the badly wounded couple, But there is hope. In the distance another figure seems to have stumbled into the clearing, After calling out and receiving no answer your slayer assumes the mysterious figure is also temporarily deaf. You move closer and all the sudden the figure turns around and leaps at you.

The first zombie of Dead Island 2, After a quick fight you dispatch of the zombie rather quickly but it becomes apparent the zombie wasn’t alone. You need a weapon and quick! Luckily there is a weapon conveniently located to the first zombie you fought allowing your Slayer to get to work! After defeating numerous zombies you remember the trapped couple and how they still need your help but the zombies just wont stop coming at you.

All the sudden your slayer sees the burning landing gear tire from the crashed plane and remarks that throwing something at it to knock it down might help burn the piles of debris close to where the zombies seem to be coming from. After successfully hitting the tire with a thrown weapon the tire drops down and a small explosion follows.

Alone? and in need of help

Joshua and Angelina

Your Slayer remarks how insane the last few hours have been and then quickly regains focus and mentions checking on the others. Angelina and Joshua both seem to be unconscious at this point. After a quick shake Joshua wakes back up but Angelina seems to be unresponsive.

Until she jumps you and bites you in the left arm, You manage to beat her back but she bites Joshua. Right after that Joshua turns as well, you manage to make quick work of them.

Now bitten by a zombie your Slayer panics, remembering the address left by Emma. As you slowly lose consciousness you battle your way to 66 Alpine Drive.

Joshua and Angelina

As the opening credits roll you are treated a view of LA burning and the giant Dead Island 2 logo.
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