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Goat Pen Master Keys Dead Island 2

goat pen masters key featured image

Early on in Dead Island 2, you have to traverse through the Bel-Air region, finding clues, completing quests and progressing through the main story. Located in Bel-Air is the Goat Pen house, however the build is mostly locked. Look no further however if you are searching for the Goat Pen Master Keys!

Goat Pen Master Keys Location

The keys are actually located inside the Goat Pen house itself, which may leave you wondering “how do I get the Goat Pen keys?”. This particular room, the master bedroom is actually accessible – but it’ll require some searching and climbing.


Firstly, you are going to need to climb onto the roof of the Goat Pen house. Once you reach the rooftop, you’ll want to head into the furthest left corner and overlook the current balcony. As a result, you should be able to see another balcony below that you can drop to (look for a couple of sunbeds). Drop down onto the balcony and clear any threats along the way, there should also be a security alarm you will need to deal with.

Finally, after clearing the area, head through the broken window and you will find the Goat Pen Master Keys on the nightstand in the master bedroom! Now that you have the Master keys, you can fully explore the Goat Pen house.

For more information on Dead Island 2 such as guides, click here. Additionally, check out our fully interactive map for all of your searching needs!


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