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How to Complete Message in a Bottle in Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2

Is it a struggle for you to complete your “message in a bottle”? Don’t be concerned if you are unable to complete the Dead Island 2’s secondary mission Message in a Bottle. Typically, Dead Island 2 objectives will require you to travel to specific locations in order to locate certain NPCs or items. Most of the time, you’ll need to use hints to determine what to do next. Sometimes the next stage will be readily apparent, but other times you will need to puzzle together indications.

Bottle in Santa Monica Pier Beach

Bottle Map

Santa Monica Pier. Home of Clown Prince of Butchery, Butcho. You have, in fact, found yourself on the coast of the Pacific Ocean at this point. It is essential, however, that you keep in mind the fact that you are not the first thing that has ever been found on these beaches. After the Blood Drive Story Quest has been finished, a Message in a Bottle may be discovered on the beach.

I’ll try to minimize spoilers as much as I can for the walkthrough of the Message in a Bottle Side Quest, while including where to seek for each Message in a Bottle Quest Journal and how to analyze its significance in order to reach the boss.

Bucket O’ Fish Restaurant


First, you’ll need to go to the Santa Monica Pier’s Bucket O’ Fish, where the food critic left the initial note in a bottle. This should serve as a clue to his location which is the basement of Bucket O’ Fish. However, there may be traps along your path. The critic, it appears, was wise enough to hide his or her identity.

Traverse the whole restaurant’s underground until you find a note.

Pick up the next note, “Review: Bucket O’ Fish: One Star” from atop the crate.

You can learn more about the food critic’s whereabouts by reading the following diary. It says, “The grilled food is subpar, and the outdoor seating’s decor was passe a decade ago,” which is a pretty big deal.

pier grill

In order to reach your next location, the Pier Grill, you will first need to extricate yourself from behind the Bucket O’ Fish and then make your way back up onto the Pier. This eatery can be found just across the street and a little bit to the east of the Bucket O’ Fish.

Pier grill will contain hordes of zombies, and you should fight your way to enter the outdoor patio of the Pier Grill, After you have made your way across the area, you will be able to discover the next “review” written by the critics sitting on a table in the southwest corner of the outdoor dining area.

Getting to the Last Location

hotdog shack

To get your last award, Review: Hotdg Shack: Twelvteen STRS, you must first eliminate the food critic turned slobber zombie as well as all of the other Hazmat zombies in the area. Picking up the Note will finish this quest. That’s the full guide for this mission.

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