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Michaels Safe Key Dead Island 2

During your first travel to Beverly Hills in Dead Island 2, you may have come across Michael’s Safe. However as expected – it is locked, behind that lock, is juicy loot. As a result of this you do not really want to miss out! You can receive a strong weapon from Michael’s Safe to help you throughout the Beverly Hills section of the main story, so lets take a look at where to find Michaels Safe Key!

Michaels Safe Key Location

As you can see they are fairly closely linked together in the Beverly Hills area. However, you will have to work your way through a couple of quests and objectives. You will find the location of Michaels Safe Key when you head up the stairs behind his house after searching it due to the “‘O Michael, Where Art Thou?'” quest. During the quest it is very likely you will see the safe in his living room!

michaels safe key featured image

To find the key however, you will have to finish the objective “Figure out where Jessie lives”. Once the objective marker changes to “Pay Jessie Kwon a visit”, head into Michael’s garden, using the back gate that leads you to a set of stairs.

At this point, you will come across a zombie named “Michael’s Protégé”. After killing the zombie, Michaels Safe Key will drop on the ground for you to collect! Finally, head back to Michael’s house, open up the safe and claim your powerful rewards!

That’s it! We hoped this proved helpful in your quest for better loot and zombie killing! To find more Dead Island 2 information such as our guides, click here. Additionally, check out our fully interactive map for all your searching needs!


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