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Military Courier Case Key Dead Island 2

During your travels in Dead Island 2, you would have come across Halperin Hotel, typically a destination to relax. However on this occasion, that is the last thing we would be doing as we fight off the zombie hordes. Fortunately in the nearby area, there is the Military Courier’s Case, housing some fine loot should you be able to find the keys. The Military Courier Case Key however is not immediately obvious when it comes to finding it. As a result of having powerful loot inside though, lets check out where to find the key!

Military Courier Case Key Location

As seen above, both locations do not seem too far apart, however to have a chance at obtaining the key, you will have to follow the main story for quite some time before coming back to the Hotel to get the key. At a later stage of the game, in Beverly Hills you should be able to start a side quest called “The Rav-Ages of Caustic-X”. This quest will take you back to the Halperin Hotel, as a result, a named zombie, the “Military Courier” has a chance to spawn outside the main lobby.

Should you encounter the courier, kill them and take the Military Courier Case Key!

That’s it! We hoped this proved helpful in your quest for better loot and zombie killing! To find more Dead Island 2 information such as our guides, click here. Additionally, check out our fully interactive map for all your searching needs!


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