Dead Island 2 – Official Launch Trailer

With Dead Island 2 just around the corner, we wasn’t expecting anymore content! However we are delightfully surprised to get the Dead Island 2 official Launch Trailer which does not disappoint!

Dead island 2 official launch trailer

Watch the fantastic, brutal, gory trailer for Dead Island 2 and get ready to kick some zombie ass in Hell-A when the game releases on the 21st April 2023.

We’ve put together our Dead Island 2 Interactive Map which you can see here.

Official Launch Trailer

Don’t forget to take a look at the Dead Island 2 Characters and Zombies while you wait!


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Dead Island 2 Patch Notes

Another wave of fixes, including the eagerly anticipated “Max Headroom” achievement update, are being released today, and we couldn’t be happier.

Dead Island 2 Blueprints

Melee Mods Item Name Location Description Image Uncommon Melee Cremator Mod It is found on the workbench in Emma’s Mansion after returning from the Halperin