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Poolside Container Key Dead Island 2

During your visit to Halperin Hotel you may have come across the Poolside Bio Container by the – you guessed it – poolside. However as with most great loot spots in Dead Island 2, you will require a key to access the powerful loot inside.

Poolside Container Key Location

Firstly, the Poolside key location will not be known to you at all when first encountering the container itself in the Halperin Hotel. The exact trigger that spawns the named zombie holding the Poolside Container Key known as “Sunbather”. However, there are a few replicated steps that reliably can spawn the boss and allowing you to grab the key!

  • When you first see the Poolside Bio Container, keep progressing through the main story until you reach the Ocean Avenue region.
  • During your time in Ocean Avenue, you should unlock the “Missing Persons Reports”, this allows you to start the quest “Missing: Jamal”
  • Fast Travel back to the Halperin Hotel, on the main road there should be a huge ditch on far right of the Hotel map
  • This is where you can come across a Slobber infected called “Sunbather”, this is the mob that has the Poolside Container Key, kill the mob!
Poolside Container Key featured Image temporary

That’s it! We hope this proved helpful in your quest for better loot and zombie killing! To find more Dead Island 2 information such as our guides, click here. Additionally, check out our fully interactive map for all your searching needs!


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