Tools of Destruction (Weapons Guide)

With just over a month to go for the release of Dead Island 2 lets take a brief look at the vast selection of Tools of Destruction we will be smashing through the zombie hordes in Hell-A. The Zombies will come in many shapes and sizes so lets take a quick peek on some of our arsenal to smash heads.

While we await for more news on the different weapons types we know from recent posts we will have;

Melee Weapons



Dead Island 2 continues the modifying approach that Dead Island 1 had by turning any weapon into a satisfying tool of destruction. Some photos below display what can turn a basic baseball bat into or upgrading our firearm.

Dead Island 2 Tools of Destruction

These weapons in Dead Island 2 look amazing and we have to make sure that we keep our weapons looking this way by making sure the condition of them is kept in the green by using the workbench. Think the favourite have to the bear claws aka wolverine claws, modifying them will be fun to see how many variations will be.

This guide will be updated as we come closer to the release date and explore the world to include all weapons. Who knows maybe there are types we don’t know about yet..

We hoped you enjoyed this quick peek at the weapons we will be finding. Be sure to take a look at the Characters who will be wielding the weapons!


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Dead Island 2 Blueprints

Melee Mods Item Name Location Description Image Uncommon Melee Cremator Mod It is found on the workbench in Emma’s Mansion after returning from the Halperin