Turn on Skope System in Dead Island 2

Turn on Skope System in Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 is filled with stories and secrets to be discovered. You might recognize one of these. The sSkope devices, which can be discovered in a variety of places and secure zones throughout the city, These gadgets provide the gaps in lore and adding depth to the story.

While the Skope devices can be found through out the gameplay. One cannot simply use it early just like the Fast Travel System. Learn how to unlock and use the Skope System using this guide.

How to Turn On Skope System in Dead Island 2

What is the Skope System in Dead Island 2

During your quest of getting out Hell-A, You’ll probably notice these mini devices scattered around the city. These units are called Skopes. Skope System provides support for the players in order to fill out the missing information on the lore, area and characters in Dead Island 2. There are total of 25 Skope Devices lying around the Hell-A. These are essentially your ticket in completing the game to 100%.

How to Activate the Skope System in Dead Island 2

In Dead Island 2, completing the 21st mission, “Search For Truth,” is essential to bringing the sKOpe servers back online. During this round of the mission, players will have to make their way to the OSK store, which specializes in electronic devices.

Tis but a short mission. After going to the Store, The player must reactivate the server by going through the Server and rebooting the system. After getting the key from the employee named Henry, You must complete the tasks in order to restore the power of the Server.

Completing this Mission grants you access to the Skope Devices scattered around Hell-A.

Dead Island 2 Skope Locations

Provided below is a list of all of the locations at which the scattered skope units can be found.


  • Goat Pen Kitchen, under the TV.
  • The downstairs livin room of Curt and Annie Swanson
  • Coffee table owned by Emma Jaunt
  • Study Room of Curtis Sinclair

Halperin Hotel

  • At the front desk of the building
  • This can be found outside the hotel lobby, on a table in the baggage claim area.

Beverly Hills

  • At Farouk’s house, beneath the television
  • In Michael Anders’s home, the master bedroom
  • In the Beverly Hills home that was being renovated, on the nightstand
  • The control room of the wastewater treatment facility.
  • On the office desk at the military’s research facility’s second floor

Venice Beach

  • On the kitchen counter, in Rodriguez’s lifeguard tower
  • Counter in Burger 66
  • Auto Garage Office

Ocean Avenue

  • Server room in OKS Store
  • 24LA News
  • Lotusville Mall
  • Seling Hotel Front Desk

Santa Monica Pier

  • Lifeguard HQ tower desk
  • Funland Arcade’s office

The Metro

  • Utility Room Shelf

Hollywood Boulevard

  • On the Desk in Re-Aging Clinic

Monarch Studio

  • Alesis Hernandez’s trailer
  • Jimmy Montana’s trailer
  • Kelli Jo Longeteig’s trailer

After the Skope servers have been enabled, you will be able to go back in the game and investigate what those servers have to offer. To provide some context, it is important to note that all of the servers are connected in some way to Lola Konradt, a tech entrepreneur who was the founder of Skope. The Skope servers are basically smart speakers like virtual assistants and will provide the player with tidbits of knowledge that can be used to flesh out Hell-A.

All in all, There are 25 Skope Units around Hell-A. Hope this guides helped you activate the Skope System in Dead Island which can be proven useful throughout the game. To find more Dead Island 2 information such as our guides, click here. Additionally, check out our fully interactive map for all your searching needs.


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