What Server Size will Dune Awakening Have?

As we get closer to a Beta release for Funcom’s upcoming MMO Dune Awakening people have started to look at planning their guilds and alliances. While doing so they have ran into questions regarding the server capacity of Dune Awakening’s servers. What Server Size will Dune Awakening Have?

What Server Size will Dune Awakening Have?

What Server Size will Dune Awakening Have?

Sadly we haven’t got a clear answer beyond the claim that Dune Awakening will be a world shared with 1000’s of players.

How Funcom is planning to achieve this currently remains unknown. But if other unreal engine projects (Such as Atlas or Last Oasis) are anything to consider we are most likely looking at a 100 player hard cap per server. With interserver travel through a method called sharding.

Aside from the question, What Server Size will Dune Awakening Have? We’re excited to see how Crafting and Gathering will play out among the Guilds too.

What Server Size will Dune Awakening Have?

When is the Dune: Awakening Release Date?

Unfortunately FunCom has not communicated a release date yet. However fans of the upcoming MMO are hopeful that we will see the beta in 2023.

When will the Beta Start for Dune: Awakening?

We look forward to watching people fight for survival on Arrakis! We plan to create opportunities for players to test the game and share their feedback with us sometime in 2023 and will communicate in advance via official channels.

Currently this all remains speculation and we are hopeful to get a clarification from Funcom’s development team closer to a Beta launch in order to get everyone back to the drawing board and choosing their alliances and guild mates wisely. 

We’re excited to get our hands on the Dune Awakening Beta later in 2023.


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