Palia Dev Update October 2023

Greetings, fellow Palian! Have you heard the news? There is a new Palia Dev Update! As the vibrant world of Palia continues to unfold, the developers have gifted the community with a fascinating selection of updates in October 2023! The magical realm, known for its enchanting landscapes and rich community interactions, is gearing up for exciting new features and improvements. Come and join us as we delve into the highlights of the Palia Dev Update for this month!

Palia Dev Update October 2023

Palia Dev Update October 2023 Halloween

As we celebrate the Halloween season, Palia unveils its new October 2023 Dev Update. Players are on the verge of fresh discoveries, features, and experiences as the developers weave their creative spells. The October 2023 Palia Dev Update promises to be a testament to the commitment of the Palia team in crafting a world that continues to captivate and surprise. Here are the highlights of the Palia Dev Update for this month!


Last month, Palia shared some early information about the upcoming Starstones. Starstones are gemstones associated with a constellation that serves as a physical reminder of one’s “Luna Moon” Sign. These gemstones are found in various rarities in random drops during mining and will sell for a high value, significantly boosting the economic potential of mining.

Each Starstone is unique due to its full Palian astrology sign, which combines the season and Luna moon phases. Identifying your special sign can help you understand yourself and predict your fortune. These Star Paths do not necessarily require a specific personality type, similar to astrology in our world. Here’s a little introduction to help you understand what the Starstones you’ll be mining represent:

Palia Dev Update October 2023 Starstone Chart

More information about Majiri constellations and astrology will be shared in the future, including how to find one’s own Star Path.

Increased Housing Add-Ons and Decor Limit

Palia will be increasing the amount of housing add-ons and decor items available for placement on your property! They limit the place to ensure careful consideration of the impact of housing add-ons and decor on the performance of your housing plot. They are expanding options and creativity to enable collaborative progress in shared housing plots and continuously optimizing their performance.

Housing Clusters

Currently, you can have 15 total housing add-ons on your plot. In a future update, you will be able to have a total of 30 add-ons.

Palia Dev Update October 2023 Housing Clusters

You can add as many Main Houses as you can fit on your plot, with 15 add-on rooms to each. These groups are called “Clusters” and can have a total cap of 30. You can style the Clusters as guesthouses, greenhouses, crafting spaces, or outdoor hangouts. The possibilities are endless. Thus, it enables players to be more creative and imaginative!

Increased Decor Limit

Many people are reaching their limit in decor, with only 2,000 pieces available on home plots. Despite this, some incredible designs have been made.

Palia Dev Update October 2023 Increased decor

Soon, a total cap of 3,000 pieces will be available. Updates on these designs will be available in the next few weeks. You can now impress your neighbors with new and more decor! 

New Creature

In the next 2-3 Palia Updates, a new little rascal will be spotted in Bahari Bay! These tree-dwelling creatures have journeyed a long distance from the northern woods to inspect the incoming new groves of Flow Trees that will soon grow up as a result of the Temples opening.

Palia Dev Update October 2023 New Creature

Welcoming A New NPC

Palia will introduce new NPCs, bringing new unique stories, quests and interactions. Their introductions offer a new layer of richness and diversity to a common story. Thus bringing Palia’s daily events to life.

Palia Dev Update October 2023 New NPCs

The next incoming villager, a Watcher from the Order, will be invited to Kilima to investigate why humans have emerged, ushering in a new era in the realm of Palia. This mysterious villager will arrive in the next 2-3 Palia updates. So stay tuned!

Hot Topics and Notable Bugs

  • The Accomplishments system is experiencing issues where progress on accomplishments doesn’t count towards completion, progress is reset, or rewards aren’t granted or completed correctly.
    • Palia devs are working to fix these issues. However, the root cause hasn’t been identified, so a timeline isn’t available for when they can fix this issue. They will provide an update as soon as it’s fixed.
  • Sernuks have been found trapped in Palia’s mountains and terrain, but this is not a Halloween trick but a bug. A fix is expected in the upcoming Palia Update, so stay tuned!

Coming Soon Within 3 Months

  • Facial Hair
  • Ability to Change Character Appearance
  • More Found Item Quests
  • Flow Tree Groves
  • New Temple
  • Winter Changes to Kilima

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We hope you enjoyed our Palia Dev Update October 2023! Do you want to know more about Palia? Check out our Palia Homepage and join our official discord channel to be the first to know more releases, updates, and guides about Palia and other MMO games, or stop by to chat about games! Until next time, Adventurer!!




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