The Pioneer Package of Solisium for THRONE AND LIBERTY: Unlocking Exclusive Treasures

Discover the exclusive Pioneer Package of Solisium for THRONE AND LIBERTY, featuring battle passes, Lucent currency, and limited-edition items. Grab the Silent Outlaw costume and the title “Pioneer of Solisium” before the December 6, 2023 deadline at a discounted rate. Explore individual components, ownership details, and refund policies for a gaming experience like never before.

Embark on a thrilling journey with THRONE AND LIBERTY’s Pioneer Package of Solisium. This comprehensive guide unveils the treasures hidden within, ensuring you make the most of this pre-purchase opportunity.

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The Pioneer Package Unveiled

What’s Inside the Pioneer Package?

Dive into the treasure trove with battle passes, growth passes, Lucent currency, and captivating decorative items. From costumes and headdresses to poses and galloping mounts, this package has it all.

PIoneer Package: Lucent, Growth Pass, Battle Pass

Exclusive Limited Items

Unlock the Silent Outlaw costume and proudly bear the title “Pioneer of Solisium.” These limited-edition items set you apart in the virtual realm, showcasing your elite status.

Pioneer Package: Pioneer of Solisium

Support Box Essentials

Equip yourself for success with the support box containing potions for attack, defense, and recovery. This bonus ensures you’re always ready for the challenges THRONE AND LIBERTY throws your way.

Pioneer Package Support Box

Limited-Time Offer

Seize the opportunity! The Pioneer Package is available for purchase until December 6, 2023. Act now to secure these exclusive items at a more reasonable price compared to post-launch purchases.

Cautionary Notes

Understand the availability, character ownership, and refund policies associated with the package. Be informed to make confident decisions about your THRONE AND LIBERTY experience.

Exploring Individual Components

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Battle Passes and Growth Passes

Uncover the benefits and perks associated with battle and growth passes. Maximize your in-game progression and rewards with these essential components.

Lucent Currency

Delve into the world of Lucent currency, understanding its role and significance in enhancing your gameplay. Learn how to make the most of this in-game resource.

Decorative Items Galore

From costumes that redefine your character’s appearance to headdresses, poses, and mounts, discover the diverse array of decorative items included in the Pioneer Package.

Outlaw Costume
Pioneer Package Pose

Amitoy Companions

Meet your virtual companions, the Amitoys. Learn about their roles, how they enhance your gaming experience, and why they’re a valuable addition to the Pioneer Package.

Pioneer Package Amitoy

FAQs: Addressing Your Concerns

Are the Limited Items Tradable?

No, the exclusive items, including the Silent Outlaw costume and the “Pioneer of Solisium” title, are bound to the account for added prestige.

Can I Purchase the Package After December 6, 2023?

Unfortunately, the Pioneer Package is only available for purchase until the specified date. Secure it now to avoid missing out.

What Happens if I Change Characters?

The package’s items are account-bound, ensuring continuity of progress even if you change characters from time to time. Your treasures stay with you throughout your THRONE AND LIBERTY journey.

Is a Refund Possible?

Explore the refund policies on the website for detailed information. Generally, refunds are subject to specific conditions outlined by THRONE AND LIBERTY.

How Does Lucent Currency Impact Gameplay?

Lucent currency serves as an in-game resource, facilitating transactions and enhancing your overall gaming experience. Dive into its diverse applications within THRONE AND LIBERTY.

Can I Gift the Pioneer Package to a Friend?

Currently, the Pioneer Package is non-transferable. Purchases are tied to the account that initiates the transaction.

Immerse yourself in the world of THRONE AND LIBERTY with the Pioneer Package of Solisium. Secure your exclusive items, experience the game like never before, and become a true pioneer in the realm. Act fast—the clock is ticking.

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For more general news and information, hit us up on our site and continue interacting with our Discord. The link for the Pioneer Package site is here.


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