Enshrouded Revelwood Hollow Halls Guide

Intrigued by the glory and challenge of the Revelwood Hollow Halls? Come and we’ll show you the way to find and beast this beast of a puzzle in Enshrouded!

revelwood hollow halls

Revelwood Hollow Halls

Revelwood Bone Key

Before we make our way to the Revelwoods Hollow Halls, you must first have a Revelwood Bone Key. Why do you need the Revelwod Bone Key? This Bone Key opens up the Hollow Halls as well as its many chambers so without it, you have no other way to get in. Be sure you have this at the ready!

bone key
opening the hollow halls

Revelwood Hollow Halls Directions:

To make the way easier, we’ll use the Revelwood Ancient Spire as a good starting point and the closest landmark to the Hollow Halls. If you have not unlocked this spire yet, you have quite the journey ahead of you! Pasted below is the best pathway to get to the Revelwood Hollow Halls for better reference. We have placed a few location markers in the map below to better visualize our directions to the Halls.


(This is the best possible route as we found it easier to get to the Revelwood Hollow Halls this way. This is also because players wouldn’t have any problems such as unclimbable areas and blocked roads. As per personal experience, a lot of Enshrouded’s terrain is hard to get over but for this route, I didn’t have much issue.)

From the spire, just head West!

Revelwood Hollow Halls

Note And Teleporter

Once you’ve successfully opened the gates to the Revelwood Hollow Halls, enter the hall and take the stairs down to the side and down to a table. There, read the note as seen in the image we’ve pasted below.

note !

Then, when you’ve finished reading the note, head to the gate across the room and open it. from there, you’ll have to take down some skeletons before you get to the teleporter. This teleporter will then take you to the first stage of the challenge.

gate to the teleporter

Afterward, proceed to the teleporter ahead of the chamber to officially start the Revelwood Hollow Halls.

Revelwood Hollow Halls Barrier 1

Once you’ve been transported to the first stage of the Revelwood Hollow Halls, take the checkpoint. This will help you keep your progress if you fall in battle during the stage. Don’t forget to look around the chamber for items such as potions and consumables! Those will help you as well. To the side, there is also a repair station where you can repair your various items and tools.

checkpoint chamber

When you’ve gotten yourself ready, head up the stairs and take a left. This will lead you to the main challenge for this stage. There, you’ll be met by a gate. Open it and proceed forward to the hall until you reach the horde of skeletons blocking your way. Then, take them all down and continue forward.

gate 1
skeleton horde

Next, from the hall you cleared, take a left. There, clear up some enemies and head towards the door. Here, you’ll have to use your Revelwood Bone Key once again. Be sure you have it with you at all times!

take a left

Soul 1

Once you enter the door, walk forward a little bit and then look up. There should be a grapple spot for you to use to get on higher ground to clear out the remaining enemies in the chamber. In addition, in this part of the first stage, you will need to find 2 souls to unlock the Barrier. Up on the grapple platform, you will find Soul 1 out of 2.

grapple up
soul 1

Soul 2

After getting the first soul, jump back down and clear out the rest of the enemies. Fair warning, an Undead Soldier wielding a red Scythe is present with the other skeletons to attack you and hinder your path. He deals quite a lot of damage so be on your feet at all times!


When you’ve taken down all the enemies, head back down the hall and turn left (the hallway you haven’t visited yet).

left of the hall

Head straight into the hall then turn right. You’ll have to take out two skeleton spawners to stop the enemies from spawning and coming right at you. They won’t spawn in high numbers but you can still be overwhelmed by their attacks and higher numbers. You can use any weapon you’d like but we suggest that in this Revelwood Hollow halls, you use more on Magic Attacks.


Once you’ve successfully taken out the spawners, proceed to the gate and use your Revelwood Bone Key to open it up. Be at the ready! As soon as the doors open up, you’ll be met by a bunch of enemies you’ll have to take down.

next gate
enemies again

When you’ve cleared them out, the same way with the first soul, look up and grapple to the higher platforms.

From the first grappling platform in the room, look ahead and there should be another as well as the second soul you need to open the barrier. Grapple up there once more and take the Soul.

soul 2

Once you’ve taken down the first barrier, head out of the chamber where you got the 2nd soul and take a right to the next challenge. Then, keep walking down the hall until you reach the next chamber.

next chamber

Barrier 2

In this Revelwood Hollow Halls chamber, carefully look down at the edge and there you should see the enemies you’ll fight. You’ll need to carefully make your way down to the level below to take out all the enemies. In addition, the current platform you’re on has a tomb you can loot for goodies!

Bonus Chest

Once you’ve taken them all out, open the next gate and then take a left to open a hidden passageway that’ll take you to a chest that you can claim. See the image below for better reference.

passage for a chest

Continuing With Barrier 2

After getting the loot in the chest, go back to the main hall and destroy the skeleton spawners in the area such as the ones shown in the image below. Don’t forget to check the whole room for any other enemies to take down before proceeding forward. There will be a handful of skeletons to defeat so keep your health potions at the ready!

spawners 2

From there, take a look at the image below. See that giant gate? Take the hall to the right and proceed forward.

take the hall to the right

Run down the hall until reach the gate. Open it and then, go straight forward and over the pile of bones. There, you’ll see a tomb you can open and loot. Beware, the tomb is guarded by a couple of skeleton enemies so when you enter the tomb chambers, ready your weapons.

over the bone pile
enemies on the tomb

Once you clear them out, take your prize at the tomb and you may then proceed with the rest. Then. from the tomb chamber, take a left and head up the stairs.

take a left up the stairs

After the stairs, take a left, and you’ll be blocked by a small horde of skeletons that you’ll need to take down to enter the next hall. Once you do, head to the next stop.

horde of skellies

Once you’ve taken them all out, proceed down the hall where the horde was and turn left and up the stairs to a gate. Open the said gate and then take another left.

take another left

Proceed forward but be ready. There are a lot of enemies as well as strong Undead Soldiers waiting to attack you once you enter the next chamber!

attack the chamber

When you’re finished taking down your enemies, go back to the stairs where you came from and look up. There, you’ll see a grappling platform with a chest! Grapple up the platform and claim your prize.

chest above the stairs

Make sure to clear all enemies and then the Barrier will be broken. Once broken, go back to the main chamber where you found the horde of enemies, and proceed to the next stage. Refer to the image posted below.

barrier 2

Barrier 3

Once you’ve taken down the second Barrier for the Revelwood Hollow Halls, proceed forward and press the switch. In this stage, you will need to press 2 switches to proceed to the next. After pressing the switch, jump and glide forward and enter through the gate and down the hall.



As part of the Revelwood Hollow Halls, once you’ve gone down the hallway, you’ll then need to do some parkour next with Fireballs. To do this, you’ll need to double-jump over the incoming fireballs to avoid their damage. There are also safe spaces on the side of the hall once you get to the middle.

Then, when you’ve reached the safe areas, look up and there should be a grapple platform. carefully make your way through the incoming fireballs and grapple up the platform.

grapple up

From there, climb up the ladder and get up the platform where you’ll need to do a little bit more parkouring. From the platform, back up a little bit and run to give yourself some momentum as you cross and grapple.

grapple across again

Here’s the tricky part, once you grapple the first time, wait for yourself to swing and then jump at the right time so you can once again grapple to the next spot. See the image below to give yourself a better idea of what you should do.

grapple to the next platform once again

Well done! Now, open the gate and proceed down the hall. This will then take you to the next switch you’re going to need to press. Now that you’ve pressed the two switches, this will then open the door below and to the left of the 2nd switch. Gently glide down and head left to enter the said door.

door opened

Once you’re in, continue down the hall and this should take you to the next Checkpoint as well as the repair station.

Time for the next Challenge to take down the 3rd Barrier of the Revelwood Hollow Halls! Now, we’ll be collecting a total of 8 souls to get rid of the Barrier but first, we’ll have to get through some things! Once you’re ready, open the large gate proceed ahead, and turn left where you should be at the main chamber with a lot of bones. Defeat the enemies ahead and proceed forward.

bone room

Be cautious, there is a long slide of mud which will hinder your movement. In addition, several fire plants may attack you so be sure to jump and quickly make your way around them to avoid getting hit.

fire plants

After rooting away the fire plants, proceed to the gate and use your Revelwood Bone Key to open it. From there, proceed with the Revelwood Hollow Halls.

Soul 1

As soon as you open the gate and pass through the Hall, there, you’ll be able to see and collect Soul No. 1. From there, we’ll look for the rest of the 8 souls.

soul 1/8

Soul 2

For the second soul, from the first soul, take the right and there, you should be able to see the 2nd Soul floating above the large gap of structures. To get this soul, you will need to grapple across the gap using the grapple spot. Be careful not to fall!

grapple for the soul

Soul 3

From there, drop down carefully but watch for the spiders below you. From there, head right and there should be a cave. Enter the cave and take out the bats inside. Once you’re in keep following the cave as it winds upwards.

to the cave
into the cave

Once you’ve reached the top of the cave, you can claim the 3rd soul for the 3rd Barrier of the Revelwood Hollow Halls. Well done so far!

soul 3

Soul 4

Silver Chest

After claiming the Soul in the cave, let’s find a silver chest nearby! Proceed out of the cave and from the entrance, go right. There should be an opening where you can enter. Then from there, head straight and claim the chest, and then, afterward, we can continue with our journey. You can get quite useful items such as

silver chest room

Continuing With Soul 4

Once you’ve claimed your loot, head back out of the chamber and turn right much like how you found the chest chamber from the cave. There should be another chamber you can enter.

another room

Enter the cave opening and get rid of some spiders. As you get deeper into the cave, there should be another opening and there you can find the 4th Soul for this stage of the Revelwoods Hollow Halls.

soul 4 found

Soul 5

After claiming Soul No. 4, head out to the middle of the area and you’ll be able to see the 5th soul in the middle. Be cautious of any enemies in the area. Easy as that!

soul 5

Soul 6

After Soul No. 6, now we head on number 6 for this Barrier in the Revelwood Hollow Halls. Congrats on your progress so far! From where you got the 5th soul, head forward to the archways. Then, examine them carefully and you should be able to spot one with a grappling platform. Refer to the image below.


From there, head right and run forward. You should be able to see the 6th soul ripe for the picking just in the middle of thace archway platforms.

6th soul

Soul 7

Now, we’re on soul number 7 for the Revelwoods Hollow Halls Barrier 3! Good job! After taking the 6th soul, if you’d like, you can cross the gap forward from the 6th soul and loot the chest ahead. If not, then we’ll proceed to the corner room.

6th soul chest

Posted below is an image with a marking of where you can find the room for the 7th soul. Head inside the opening and defeat all of the enemies.

to the 8th soul
rat enemies inside the cave

Once you’ve wiped the cave clean of enemies, look up the elevated platform and you should be able to see the 7th soul for you to take! Great job finding almost all of them! This is the final stretch!

Soul 8

Now we’re onto the last soul for the 3rd Barrier. From the cave where you found soul number 7, head out and go to the right. There should be a small opening. Refer to the following images down below for better reference!

cave to the left
8th soul cave

Once you’ve inside, defeat the enemies and take the 8th soul. Afterward, the 3rd Barrier should be unlocked and you can proceed ahead.

the last soul for b3

Great job! You’ve taken down Barrier number 3 in the Revelwood Hollow halls! Now, head to the next door as we continue with our journey.

next barrier door

Silver Tomb

Congrats on getting this far into the Revelwood Hollow Halls! Now that we’ve taken down the 3rd Barrier, get your tools repaired and take your checkpoint for the spawn. When you’re ready, proceed ahead to the next gate. Once you open the door, you’ll be greeted by a large hall. Enter through the gate until you reach the end then turn left. This is where you can find a silver tomb you can loot for items.

next stage
turn left

You’ll have to kill a handful of enemies and get rid of the spawners to continue through. Like the earlier stage in this Revelwood Hollow Halls, using magic damage against a handful of skeleton enemies is highly suggested! This will make your job and journey a lot easier to tackle. There is a total of 3 spawners for you to take out. Two are located at the front of the pile and the last one is located at the end of the hall right by the gate.

take out the spawners
last spawner in the hall

Once you’ve gotten rid of the spawners, head to the gate (as in the gate in the image above) and use your Revelwood Bone Key to open it. As we’ve mentioned before, this little key will be your ultimate best friend in the Revelwood Hollow Halls! After opening the gate, proceed forward and take your prize.

tomb for loot

Poisonous Slide

After getting your loot from the tomb, let’s head to the other hallway (the hallway to the right or the one you didn’t take before the silver tomb). Exit the tomb chamber and go straight into the next hall.

to the next hall

From there, go inside the opening and defeat the enemies inside before you pass.

enemies ahead again

Then, continue on forward and open the gate using your Revelwood Bone Key again.

another gate in the way

Then, proceed forward and get ready for one heck of a slide! Be warned, there are poison obstacles in the way as you slide. Be sure not to hit any of these to avoid suffering the damages. We have pasted an image below so you can have a good visual of what you may encounter as you slide down the muddy slope.

poison spots on the slide

When you land, prepare to take down some spider enemies. There will be quite a handful of them swarming you so be sure to not get stuck in one corner and use ranged or magic attacks. In the Revelwood Hollow Halls, you learn to utilize more ranged and magic attacks as you go through the many challenges and obstacles.

spider enemies again

After taking out the spiders, from the end of the slide, go a bit right, and there you’ll see a climbable wall. head up the wall and proceed.

climb up the wall

When you’re up, take down some bat enemies and once you’ve taken them all down, go forward and take a right (forward and right from the climb you just got over). We will have to slide down again and avoid more poison sludges. This time, as you slide, there will be some gaping holes in the ground so keep your eyes peeled on your slide down so you can avoid falling through.

slide down again

This time, as you slide, keep an eye out for the gaping holes in the ground. These holes on the ground can vary in size and shape but avoiding them just saves you time and saves you some hassle. As the holes vary, some are very deep and some are quite shallow. If you were to fall in the deeper once, there is a chance that you take damage.

hole in the ground

Once you make it down the bottom of the slide, proceed ahead but watch out for the enemies that will get in your way. Head to the structure ahead of you but when you get close, there will be a big horde that will spawn in your way. Be prepared for quite a fight.

to the structure ahead

Once you’ve defeated all of them, proceed inside the structure claim your checkpoint, and repair your items. When you’re ready proceed to the gate.

next check point

To The Next Checkpoint In The Revelwood Hollow Halls

Enter the gate and go through the hall. Be careful, there are poison spots on the ground. Avoid them and proceed on. Once you reach the middle of the chamber, turn right. There will be some enemies ahead.

Once it is clear to move forward, continue walking and turn left when you reach the end of the hall. Then, take the stairs down but be careful. You will be met with enemies as you head down and not only that, there is poison running down the side of the stairs. This may hinder your battle so be on your feet and avoid both attacks from enemies as well as the poison.

poison slide and enemies ahead

Here’s our little tip to make things easier through this part of the hall: Use the broken platform of the stairs, jump off, and glide down to safety! That way, you won’t need to touch the poison.

When you land on the ground, proceed forward and continue down the hall to the left of where you are. Once you reach the middle area, turn right and take out the enemies.

Once you’ve cleared your way to the gate, open it up and claim your checkpoint as well as repair your items. Don’t forget to look around for any consumables in the room that you can take!

checkpoint room

Barrier 4

Revelwood Hollow Halls: Boss Fight – Hollow Cyclops

From there, head straight into the hall and up to the second platform by the stairs to meet the boss you will be fighting. To begin, stand at a far distance first before you proceed and use any kind of buffing item that you have. You will need a LOT of help for this one. Then, prepare all of your items such as your spells on your wand, your close-range weapons, and everything you have. Defeating this boss will open the last barrier in the Revelwood Hollow Halls so give it everything you’ve got!

boss fight

Suggested Approach

To defeat this boss, we highly recommend players use magic damage as it will keep you at a good distance away from getting hit by this boss’s attacks as well as dealing good damage yourself. This also helps you avoid its sword attacks as well as its magic attacks

attack the boss

(I had quite the problem with this one since it is a boss that deals quite the damage. I died once but it’s okay!)

Hollow Cyclops Attacks

The Hollow Cyclops is a boss that utilizes both close-range and magic damage. Knowing this, we have listed its attacks for you to form an attack plan ahead!

Sword Swing

Once you get too close, this boss will get his Undead Long Sword and swing at you twice in a row. This move cannot be dodged as easily if you’re too close but if you keep a good distance away, you can see this attack in coming and dodge it ahead of time to save yourself from some damage. However, if you are to be hit, you will take an incredible amount of damage. this attack deals a carrying amount of damage but to sum it up, he could deal a large 523 damage!

sword swing

Hollow Wave

Hollow Wave is a magic attack that the Hollow Cyclops casts as this boss is both close and ranged magic. This attack is avoidable but if you’re hit, you’re dealt some damage. This attack can also be seen coming by monitoring the Boss itself. If he raises his hand, get to moving already! There’s a possibility that this boss will cast Hollow Wave. Although this attack can be avoided, Hollow Wave has a very large area of attack so if you’re too close, you may not be able to avoid it.

hollow wave

Leg Stomp

This attack only happens if the player stands too close to this boss. He will raise his leg and stomp at you. This attack can be avoided just by running around and avoiding his leg. Think you’re a bug! If you’re hit, he will dear a whopping 115 damage.

leg stomp

Arm Smash

This attack works the same way as Leg Stomp as it is a melee attack that the Hollow Cyclops only does if the player is too close. Likewise, this attack deals a decent amount of damage much like Leg Stomp if the player is to be hit. Similarly to the leg stomp, this attack can be dodged just by moving out of its attack hit.

arm smash

Call For Help

In this attack, the Cyclops will summon a handful amount skeleton minions to attack the player while he attacks them himself. This is a great way to keep players distracted while he chips away at their life so, be mindful of your footing and where you are as well as where HE is. Take down the skeletons first and clear a way for you to freely attack and deal damage to the Hollow Cyclops.


Many fall to this move as they are often overwhelmed by the skeletons as well as the Cyclops so don’t worry! Keep coming back if you fall!

Revelwood Hollow Halls – The End

Once the Cyclops is defeated, claim your trophy! The Hollow Cyclops Head. From there, go back down the stairs or from where you entered and other, and the Barrier should be opened and you may now claim your Silver Tomb loot.

cyclops head

(After quite the battle, this is the most rewarding battle ever or at least for me!)

tomb loot

Once you’ve claimed the Silver Tomb loot, proceed to the teleporter ahead and end your quest for the Revelwood Hollow halls. Congrats!

teleporter good

Revelwood Hollow Halls Solo Walkthrough

We hope this guide on the Revelwood Hollow Halls helped you out with your endeavors!

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