Nightingale Patch Notes 0.1.1

Welcome to a look into the Nightingale Patch Notes 0.1.1 after the game’s first-ever maintenance and update. Here’s what you need to expect and the changes you’ll need to look out for!

nightingale patch notes 0.1.1

Nightingale Patch Notes 0.1.1

The Nightingal game servers have now been opened and players can now get back on their journeys. Here’s what’s in the Nightingale Patch Notes 0.1.1.

Nightingale Patch Notes 0.1.1 – Progression Blockers

Some progression challenges in the game were met and have now been adjusted and fixed.

  • Progression resets will no longer happen when the game is forced to quit and network errors have now been fixed.
  • Various game crashes have now been fixed (Tab + 1 combination, loading into locations such as The Watch, harvesting Ores through mining and chopping trees as well as some Intel Processor crashes.)
  • Creatures no longer vanish during Vault runs.
  • Additional certifications have now been added to prevent anti-virus programs (like AVG) from blocking Nightingale.
  • Quest “Keep the Beast at Bay” with Shiv Pierson will no longer be blocked by logging out or leaving your Realm.
  • Crashes and other various progression blocks have been changed, updated, and implemented in the Byway (tutorial) Realms.

Nightingale Patch Notes 0.1.1 – Art/Visual

Aside from practical and game changes, some art and visuals of the game have also been arranged.

  • SFX Spam will no longer be created by scrolling quickly in the character creation section of the game.
  • Bunker POI in Forest and Desert realms will no longer have see-through gaps.
  • Critter Trapper’s Shoes have been removed and Calcularian Boots will no longer cause invisible legs in the game characters.
  • Desert Herbarium’s small Oasis POI and Astrolabe Swamp’s missing water mesh have now been fixed.
  • Unintended floating assets in Forest Ruins POI have been removed.
  • Missing waves to instances of Forest maps have been added.
  • The Mystic Climbing Pick now uses the intended animation for the third person.
  • The player’s main hand should no longer lock when running/dashing with a lantern.
  • Poison Trap VFX cooldown has been added to prevent it from getting stuck.
  • Fog effects on the Ghost Card should now look more consistent for all and any performance settings.
  • Nightime Starfields have now been fixed from warping.
  • Minor Card Effects should now be removed using Cleansing Minor Card.
  • When players are in motion, Hoover VFX should no longer lock.

Nightingale Patch Notes 0.1.1 – Audio/SFX

  • Player pain sounds should no longer be triggered by increasing the gear score.
  • Music in the Star Map Room will no longer get stuck when taking the staircase.
  • Glitchy sound effects when destroying objects have now been fixed.
  • The Watch Fae Music will no longer cut in and out.
  • The sound effects for eating berries have now been fixed.
  • Refined Enchanter’s Focus sound artifact will no longer sound like knocking.
  • Spells with the Enchanted Repair Hammer will now be applied.
  • The Estate Cairne sound loop next to Aurelio has now been removed.
  • Missing Building sounds have now been added for various structures such as Enchantment Station, Stone Carving Block, Crystal Ball, Potion Station, Stick Tend, Plant Bock, and Simple Wood Table.

Nightingale Patch Notes 0.1.1 – Buildings

  • Light decorations can now be added to the underside of upper-floor building blocks.
  • Seed growth in the Simple Plant Pot and Box has been fixed.
  • Respite Points should now be created by Estate Ciarns when on POI Structures such as Broken Pillars.
  • Roofs are now supported by Crude Transom Archways.
  • Rain will no longer pass through Cruse Peaked Roofs, Desert Roof pieces, and Crude Peaked Corner Roofs.
  • Stave Trianble is now fully rotatable.
  • When removing partially completed building blueprints, materials should no longer disappear.
  • Alchemical Boilers can now be connected to Legal Augments.

Nightingale Patch Notes 0.1.1 – Control Changes

  • Upon death, keybindings no longer break.
  • Players can now remap push to talk
  • Controller Fixes;
    • The greeting screen can now be navigated.
    • The ammo radial menu can now be selected options from.
    • Map markers are now removable.
    • Simple Upgrade Station can now be upgraded easily.
    • Umbrella has been upgraded for gliding inputs.
    • Toolbars now have swapped D-pad controls.
    • Blueprints should now be rotatable when it’s on a different tileset.

Nightingale Patch Notes 0.1.1 – Economy

  • Time infusion and Gossamer are now able to be assigned to items.
  • You can no longer upgrade Makeshift Torches on the Upgrade station.
  • Crafting on any station can no longer be reduced to avoid effects issues.
  • Gliding with an umbrella will no longer cause an increase in player power levels.

Nightingale Patch Notes 0.1.1 – NPCs

  • Smaller creatures will no longer reach above themselves to go to a higher surface.
  • Abeyance Essence Exchange merchants now have fixed wardrobes.
  • Dialogue coming from Puck will now follow the text appearing when you encounter The Watch.
  • NPCs that have been recruited will no longer teleport to impossible areas on the map.
  • Bishop and Knight Automation has been reduced as well as the Vine Elk and Leporidon Ragdolls to avoid falling through the world.
  • Desert Eotens are now able to use their Bramble ability.
  • Blastminer’s Traps will no longer blow up Human NPCs.
  • Prismatic Pupfish now displays its actual and correct name.
  • Players are now able to properly apologize to Danu.
  • Bound at Defence Encounters have now been fixed to despawn with dissolving effects.
  • NPCs player recruited will not ignore Elephas.
  • Upon completion, the challenge “Fledgling Apothecary” will now give a reward.
  • Uncraftable Charms or Enchantment recipes have now been removed from NPCs.

Nightingale Patch Notes 0.1.1 – Player Character

  • When spawning into any realm, player characters will no longer appear in First Person view before the dissolving VFX plays.
  • When using extreme camera angles in the Third Person view, deconstruction accuracy has been improved.
  • The obsolete Fed Time+ trait has been removed.
  • When loading the Winchester while aiming, its animation will no longer loop.
  • The camera should no longer break when in the Eye Detail category of the character creation.
  • Pressing “ESC” will not break the customization in the naming panel.
  • Adjusting the intensity of makeup with no “B” color will not remove all your makeup anymore.
  • When clicking the reset button in the Eye section of character creation, this should now apply to the eye position.
  • Clicking the “random” button on the inheritance section will now change the player’s character.
  • Mustaches will no longer stretch when the facials are stretched.
  • The hard difficulty hat will no longer snap the character’s face after changing the facial hair.
  • The third hand appearing when swimming and collecting items issue has been removed.
  • Players will no longer be out of bounds when logging out while climbing,
  • The Hidden player status will no longer stack when reloading the Chassepot Rifle while couched.

Nightingale Patch Notes 0.1.1 – Resources

  • Trees have now been fixed to turn into logs right after being cut.
  • The Bushman Grass in the Desert Biome realms can now be collected.
  • Animal fiber, Hides, and Clothing should now have their unique appearance according to the creature.
  • Players can no longer use Chitin as a replacement for Bone or Hide.
  • Papyrus is now callable using a Sickle.
  • Mismatching essences (tire and properties) will no longer drop from the Oberon Bounty spell.
  • The Carnute Ichor will not go straight to the player inventory when dropped instead of the ground.
  • Carved Stones will no longer be created from crafting hybrid Stone using an Excellent Masonry Bench.
  • Illegal Stacked Rocks have been removed in POIs.

Nightingale Patch Notes 0.1.1 – UI/UX

  • Rebinding mouse buttons will no longer stretch icons.
  • Q slot ammo will no longer be consumed by the player.
  • Mentioned of Hope in various texts have been removed.
  • Cooking Stations without any augments will no longer show Decor Recipes.
  • Entries in the guidebook will no longer require multiple clicks to collapse or expand.
  • Players should now be able to remove items from fueled stations consistently.
  • When players die, their Death Chest now shows their correct cause of death.
  • The game pocket watch now matches the server time.
  • Completed craft items in stations should now show the right amount of items when players wake from a long rest.
  • Higher Lumberjack Challenge will no longer cut off texts.
  • When reopening portals, previous Realm Cards will now appear at the generator.
  • Gear score should now be consistent with the inventories as well as what is shown to the players.
  • Crosshair now appears for the Pistol when in third-person mode.
  • Prompts from interactions will no longer disappear after pressing “Help, I’m stuck.”.
  • NPC names that are longer should not cut the text off anymore.
  • Challenges can no longer be read in the Guidebook until the requirements are met for the challenge.
  • Recipes will no longer be shown as “Craftable” when ingredients are not complete.
  • Status bars will not fill consistently.
  • The Elder Eoten’s life bar will no longer persist.
  • Stealth Cham will not show continually.
  • Travel to Herbarium quest has been fixed to no longer show as “0” progress.
  • When crafting, progress timers will persist when returning to a server.
  • Death Chests will now have consistent spaces between items inside.
  • Inconsistent flickering on the Bench UI have been removed when players queue tasks.
  • Key shortcuts will not break when looking at the fuel widgets.

Nightingale Patch Notes 0.1.1 – Game Changes


  • Sound effects for tier 2-3 Stone Crafting and Crude Umbrella have been added.

Nightingale Patch Notes 0.1.1 – Art/Visual

  • Red Muschroom textures and Tiered Plant resources textures have been updated.
  • Text and backgrounds for the inventory transfer Menu have been adjusted to help with legibility.
  • The gem material for lighting has been adjusted.
  • Essence VFX from Infusions has been removed.
  • Drayman’s Ensemble as well as a Hat have been added to the game.
  • Rock shapes have been adjusted to help players distinguish which rocks are Harvestable.
  • One Deer stag model has been changed to be more consistent with the other Deer.
  • Missing Nightingale symbols for the tileset vendors have been added.

Nightingale Patch Notes 0.1.1 – Controls

  • Support gamepad navigation in Character Creation has been added.
  • Controls for rotating through Offhand toolbars. (ALT + MMB)
  • Fan Hammer skill has been changed to a Hold Skill.
  • Typing in the guidebook no longer takes up focus.
  • Pressing ESC now exits both the crafting and storage menus.

Nightingale Patch Notes 0.1.1 – Building

  • Crafting Stations now have a “Threatened” status effect when enemies are close by.

Nightingale Patch Notes 0.1.1 – Economy Balancing

  • Firearms prices decreased from more than 1300 to 100.
  • Hungry and Tired debuff have been adjusted to be less damaging.
  • Water Bottle Essence and Rocks to Ammo exploit have been removed.
  • Essence Trader prices have been adjusted.
  • The shockwave spell has been Balanced.
  • Additional balance changes for magic.
  • Missing resources from Essence Trader added.
  • Resource Drops have been changed and balanced.
  • Lunar Nectar has now been added and is obtainable through shops.
  • Reach for the Mining Picks, Mauls, Climbing Picks, and Axepicks have been increased in the game.

Nightingale Patch Notes 0.1.1 – Player Character

  • After loading into the Respite, players will no longer take damage.
  • Players will no longer lose rewards in The Watch when they have full inventory.
  • Easy load out will be automatically equipped with the backpack.
  • Cloth physics from Ancestors has been removed for game performance.
  • Ancestors no longer have heavy makeup.

Nightingale Patch Notes 0.1.1 – Resources

  • Water Cabbage interactions now have been adjusted.
  • More Hope Echoes have been added in Ascended Realms.
  • Sickles can now be used to harvest Glow Spores.
  • Healing Salves and Potion localization have been added and increased.
  • Glass is now needed to craft Colorful Glass.
  • Tea from Raw Berries is now known as “Spice Tea”.

Nightingale Patch Notes 0.1.1 – UI/UX

  • Keybind hints have been added for raising and lowering structures.
  • Pet Bed now has an added warning where only one Pet can be active in the Realm.
  • Menus can now be closed by pressing Return to Respite.
  • Missing Icons for Clothing, Tools, Coffee Recipe, Guns, Twitch Drops, and Unique Wood Bundles.
  • Vignette damage improved.
  • The banner for pending Maintenance has been added to the Main Menu for future updates.
  • The “Servers Unavailable” Error has been changed and updated for future updates.
  • User-facing game versions have now been updated and added to the main menu of the game.
  • Options Screen layout has been improved.
  • Missing status effects icons have been added.
  • Server Region Select for character creation has now been added.
  • Pop-up widgets have been reskinned.
  • Blank cards to show items in shops have been added.
  • A new category has been added to the guidebook.
  • Added descriptions and text updates or changes.
  • The station traits have now been moved to the top right of the menu.
  • The challenge count has been removed from the guidebook.
  • Tier orders have now been added to Benches when looking at them in the crafting menu.
  • Players will not be informed if they leave or get disconnected from the party.
  • Settings now have higher quality check boxes.
  • “Error reading game data” will now ask users to verify their game files to avoid corruption and issues.

Nightingale Patch Notes 0.1.1 – NPCs

  • Loot Shimmer is added whenever Pawns collect resources.
  • Recruited NPCs will no longer join you in Vaults in the Watch but they can join in private vaults.
  • Fabled Creatures and Larger Creature damage output have been adjusted.
  • NPCs will not attack passive characters offering quests.
  • Encounters with Vendors have now been removed.
  • NPCs wares not have adjusted prices and some items have been changed.

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