Nightingale Patch Notes – Exciting March Update 2024

Welcome to a quick discussion on the recent Nightingale Patch Notes for March 2024. The Servers are going to be down for maintenance soon. Below is what you can expect from the upcoming patch.

nightingale patch notes

Nightingale Patch Notes 2024

Maintenance Work

As mentioned before, the game servers are to be closed temporarily for Planned maintenance. What does this mean? This means that players won’t be able to play for a given time. In such time, the developers will work on the game and improve! The game is still in early access after all! Not only this, Nightingale will also have its first-ever update since its release on early access.

Maintenance Date

  • The Game servers are planned for maintenance and update at 9:00 AM MT – on March 6, 2024 (March 7, 2024, 12:00 AM for Asia Servers). Maintenance will take approximately about an hour before the servers will be up and running once again.

Wait a while and keep on the lookout for the update! Speaking of updates, here are some of what to expect when the game goes back up!

patch notes

Nightingale Patch Notes – Updates And Improvements

Enjoying the game so far? Here are some of the changes and updates that the developers have planned for everyone! Stay tuned!

  • Player Byways have now been fixed due to reports of Portals not opening and being unable to finish quests.
  • The developers have now added Region Selection for certain player characters.
  • Farming has now been fixed.
  • Keybinding inconsistencies fixed.
  • Exchanging the water bottle for essences has now been balanced.
  • Players being unable to take items from field workstations have now been fixed and worked on.
  • More bugs and glitches have been adjusted and fixed.

More of the Nightingale patch notes will be released after the server maintenance but for now, that’s all we can see and expect from the game’s first-ever update! The maintenance and update mainly focused on bug fixes as well as adjustments for a way of life in the game. But wait, there’s more!

Future Nightingale Patch Notes

Upon the announcement of the adjustments and update of the game, the developers gave us a little clue on what they’ll go over in the next patch to come.

  • Economy changes for Reclaimed Ingots and Lumber.

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