Complete Guide to Bug Catching in Palia

Complete Guide to Bug Catching in Palia

If you enjoy insects then the Bug Catching skill is one you will enjoy leveling. The Complete Guide to Bug Catching in Palia will discuss how to level it up as well as what you will need and which insects to catch.

While some may focus on hunting animals, some may enjoy the methodical form of hunting bugs, as long as you have the correct equipment.

Complete Guide to Bug Catching in Palia

Right Tools for the Job

In this complete guide to bug catching in Palia, If you want to catch insects you will need to get some smoke bombs and traps beforehand. Auni is the person you can get these items from. Introduce yourself to Auni and purchase the items you need.

Complete Guide to Bug Catching in Palia

Where to Find Auni

Seek out Auni in and around town, the Kilima village to be precise. Once you have found Auni he will introduce you to the world of Insect-Catching. After completing the introduction quest you will have the smoke bombs and traps necessary. Make sure to head back to Auni’s store regularly to see if you have the experience necessary to improve your tools and equipment.

Complete Guide to Bug Catching in Palia

How to Level up Insect Catching

Just like the other skills in the game, every skill needs to be leveled up by doing certain actions. Bug Catching is no exception. As you explore Palia, you will come across insects that you can catch. Any action related to catching insects will reward you with experience. Additionally, some of the insects you catch can be kept as pets in a terrarium at your home.

Higher Tier Items will Help for those Rare Finds

As you advance in the game of Bug-catching, Auni can offer you valuable recipes to upgrade your gear and guide you in using exceptional items to better track and catch the elusive bugs in the Palia region. You can acquire higher-tier belts, enhanced smoke bombs, and lures to improve your chances of success.

The Collectors Skill

Any avid collector will enjoy bug catching as there are plenty of different bugs to find and successfully catch. Whilst the caught bugs will be added to your inventory it will also be kept within an in-game encyclopedia to track your progress.

Complete Guide to Bug Catching in Palia

Fill your house with Terrariums

After discovering insects in the wilderness in Palia, you can showcase them by building a terrarium at home. Auni may reward you with a recipe for creating terrariums once you have honed your insect-catching skills. To build the terrarium you need to gather the required mats and then craft it on your workbench. Furniture-making skills can also be improved by building terrariums, as many skills overlap in Palia.

General Store Shouldn’t be Missed

While the general store is not directly related to the Insect-catching skill, it is still worthwhile to check Zeki’s inventory as he may have unique recipes. Auni will provide you with all the necessary items, but if you are in the village, it wouldn’t hurt to pay a visit to Zeki. Appreciate our complete guide to bug catching in Palia? Be sure to hunt all of the common and rare bugs and show it off for everyone to see your hunting prowess! Happy hunting!

Looking for the Rainbow Tipped butterfly? We have just the content for you!

Take a look at the guide to all skills to discover other skills that may interest you. You never know what you may find! We hope you enjoyed our complete guide to bug catching in Palia! If you’d like more content like this, join our official discord server and share all about your bug-catching experience!




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