Modern Axe Location in Sons of the Forest

If after chopping your first trees down with your survival hatchet you have gotten to the conclusion you need a better axe ASAP this is the guide for you. Today we take a look at the Modern Axe location in Sons of the Forest. Spoilers ahead!

Modern axe location in Sons of the Forest

Modern Axe Overview

The modern axe is a mid-tier axe found at an abandoned campsite not far from the flashlight and one of the GPS locators. It trades swing speed for higher block and damage statistics. It makes quick work of trees and your enemies although there is always room for improvement.

If you’re further along take a look at our Fire Axe Location Guide. Getting an axe upgrade before heading into the deeply expansive building is our number one recommendation. You won’t believe the difference in harvesting speed when it comes to getting as many logs as quickly as possible.

Modern axe stats

Modern Axe Location

The Modern Axe can be found in one of the mini abandoned campsite POIs.


Modern Axe Location Conclusion

If you enjoyed this guide on where to find the axe and have questions regarding other items in Sons of the Forest, make sure to check out our Interactive Map. We can’t wait for you to share your creations with us on our Official Community Discord! Lastly, our Sons Of The Forest Homepage is a list of the latest news and guides of the game. You can have a look when you are free!



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