How to Get a Better Ship in Starfield

Welcome to your ultimate guide to obtaining a better ship in Starfield! Think of this as your handbook for navigating the celestial highways and byways. Whether you’re a fledgling space adventurer ready to chart your first course or a seasoned cosmic explorer aiming to perfect your starcraft, this guide has you covered. Sit back, adjust your cockpit seat, and prepare to launch into a captivating journey through the intricacies of ships in the sprawling universe of Starfield.

Travelling Through Different System

What are Ships in Starfield?

Ships in Starfield are central to the gameplay, serving as versatile tools for exploration, transportation, customization, combat, and trade. They are essential for navigating the cosmos, customizing your gameplay experience, and progressing through the game’s storylines. Managing and customizing your ship is crucial for success and survival in the expansive and enigmatic universe of Starfield.

Frontier Ship in Starfield

How to Get a Better Ship in Starfield?

Acquiring a better ship in Starfield is a thrilling milestone for any spacefarer, opening up new horizons and opportunities in the game. There are various paths to obtain an improved ship, whether through trading, exploration, or even embarking on epic missions to uncover the galaxy’s most coveted vessels.

Purchasing New Ship

The simplest method of acquiring a better ship in Starfield is through purchase. In major cities such as New Atlantis, Akila, and Neon, you can find Ship Service Technicians stationed at their starports. Engaging with these technicians will give you access to their available ship inventory. These ships typically come with price tags ranging from 70,000 to 300,000 credits. If you’re aiming for a substantial upgrade, it might take some time to save up the necessary credits. After acquiring a better ship in Starfield, you’ll need to designate it as your primary vessel. You can accomplish this by conversing with the technician and selecting the “upgrade your ship” option, which also allows you to acquire individual ship components.

Better Ships in Starfield

Steal Other Ships

Another significant method of acquiring a better ship in Starfield involves stealing, although this aspect can be quite intricate, and the game’s guidance is somewhat lacking in clarity. The game briefly mentions the possibility of disabling and boarding a ship during space combat, but it doesn’t provide comprehensive instructions on the procedure. Currently, there are two ways for you to steal a ship.

Using Digipick

The first way of stealing a better ship in Starfield involves a digipick. Approach the target ship and head to the typically secured hatch. Use a Digipick to unlock it. After successfully unlocking the hatch, continue to board the ship. If it happens to be unoccupied, head straight for the Pilot Seat and initiate takeoff. However, if there’s a crew on board, you’ll need to address them accordingly. Keep in mind that if the lock is particularly advanced, enhancing your Security skills will be necessary to access higher levels of hacking.

Digipicking Ship's Hatch in Starfield

Docking Other Ship

The second way of stealing a better ship in Starfield is by docking it while in space. To acquire a ship through stealing, you need to board the target ship and incapacitate its crew members. After eliminating all hostile forces, proceed to the ship’s pilot seat to assume control. This commandeered ship will serve as your primary vessel for grav jumping, planetary landings, and fast travel.

Docking to Other Ship in Starfield

Note: B or C-class ships require the appropriate Piloting skill rank. You’ll also need to register the stolen ship if you’re planning to sell it. You can visit any Ship Service Technician at any of the prominent settlements or spaceports

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Completing Missions

Another way to secure a better ship in Starfield is through the completion of missions. Early in the game, you’ll encounter a mission referred to as ‘The Old Neighborhood.’ This tutorial-style mission aims to teach you essential flight skills, with your initial objective being the scanning of a satellite. Completing this scan will unveil the pathway to the Nova Galactic Staryard. Upon arrival at the Staryard, engage and defeat the adversaries in the vicinity. Thoroughly search their remains for a text log titled ‘Secret Outpost.’ Once you’ve obtained it, peruse the log to trigger the ‘Mantis’ mission. Subsequently, navigate to the designated planet’s Secret Outpost and initiate the mission.

The Old Neighborhood Quest

Mantis Mission

You’ll receive directions to a secret outpost situated on Denebola I-B. Upon landing, your task will be to eliminate all encountered adversaries. Once you’ve killed all opposition, you’ll reach an area with textual clues on the ground. Search the voice logs on the bodies of defeated foes to uncover the hint for the password. The passcode required to unlock the path ahead is ‘tyrannis’ Input this passcode at the door to proceed with your journey.

Mantis Mission in Starfield

After defeating additional robotic adversaries, you’ll arrive at the hideout housing the Razorleaf Ship. Acquire the vehicle from this location, and it will become your permanent possession.

Razorleaf Ship in Starfield

Note: Make sure to stock your inventory with crucial resources such as ammunition and health-restoring items, as you’ll be facing numerous opponents in combat.


In conclusion, having a better ship in Starfield is a major achievement that opens up exciting opportunities in the game. You can choose to buy, steal, or earn a better ship through quests, each offering its own unique challenges and experiences. Your ship isn’t just a vehicle; it’s your cosmic home, and you can tailor it to suit your playstyle. As you venture through the boundless universe of Starfield, may your travels be filled with adventure and discovery, and may you pilot the most remarkable ships the galaxy has to offer. Safe travels, fellow spacefarers!

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