Rare Weapons in Starfield (+Locations)

Here is our Starfield guide for rare weapons! around this expedition, we’ll uncover the mysteries of some incredible and elusive weapons scattered around the cosmos. These rare weapons are coveted artifacts, symbols of immense power, and remnants of advanced technology—not just any ordinary piece of gear.

Starfield Weapons

Rare Weapons in Starfield

In Starfield, rare weapons are quite important because of their great potency and the difficult gameplay that goes along with finding them. They provide dynamic gameplay features, serve as status and prestige symbols, and are necessary for special challenges and end-game material. Essentially, these rare weapons provide rewards and challenges that improve the player’s experience and immersion in the game environment, so augmenting their cosmic voyage. Now that you know that, let’s take a look at some of the Rare Weapons in Starfield.

Starfield Rare Weapons



The Ember is one of the rare weapons in Starfield. It is a Laser Pistol discovered in the Settled Systems. Crafted by Combatech, it holds a credit worth of 2735 and weighs 2.9 units. The Ember is a vibrant energy pistol featuring a laser pointer, focal lens, and ignition beam weapon enhancements. It represents a distinctive variant of the Solstice pistol.

Starfield Ember Gun

Complete the “Top Secrets” mission in the Ryujin Industries narrative to get the Ember pistol. Your goal for this assignment is to obtain information from Simon. You have three options: convince him, give him a payment in the range of 8,000 to 10,000 credits, or finish a side task. Choose “Tell me about this side job” to receive the Ember. After starting the side project, you have to go to the Saturn-orbiting Datura and pick up the Ember from Malai.

Starfield Ember Location

Above all, you must avoid conflict with the Datura ship. Rather, choose nonviolent means of communication that let you board and speak with Malai. You can either use your influence to convince Malai or use greater force to get the Ember for Simon at this time.

The Mutineer

One of the rare weapons in Starfield is the Mutineer, a unique Magshot variant. Four specific modifications are included, which improve its performance in different ways. It is notable for having the Space Adept effect, which grants a +30% damage increase in space but results in a 15% damage decrease on planets. The Mutineer is a useful and flexible tool in the game because of its adaptability, which encourages players to base their weapon selections on the adversaries they face and their current position.

Starfield The Mutineer Gun

To acquire this one of many rare weapons, players need to initiate a conversation with Vladimir during the “Into the Unknown” main quest, inquiring about his history with the Crimson Fleet. Subsequently, a side mission will become accessible, prompting players to visit Vladimir’s residence. His house is located on the planet Syrma VII-A. Upon entering the villa, proceed to the lower levels, where you’ll come across a locked door. To gain access, you’ll need to successfully unlock the advanced security mechanism. Inside the room, on the desk, lies the distinctive pistol, waiting to be claimed. If you want to learn more about How to Lockpick, Click Here!

Starfield The Mutineer Location

Sir Livingstone’s Pistol

Within the Starfield world, Sir Livingstone’s Pistol is a unique handgun that is well-known for its many capabilities. It is regarded as one of the more rare weapons in the game. Sir Livingstone’s Pistol is a solid option for a variety of combat scenarios since it combines a respectable level of accuracy with a moderate yet effective damage output.

Starfield Sir Livingstone Pistol

To acquire one of the rare weapons in the game, players must have initially chosen the “Kid’s Stuff” trait when starting the game. Assuming they have this trait, they should align themselves with Constellation and subsequently visit the Residential District of New Atlantis, where their parents reside. Their digital father will express his pride in them, rewarding them with Sir Livingstone’s Pistol as a gift.


Experiment A-7

Launching rounds of 15×25 CLL shells, each with a potent 119-point physical damage potential, the Experiment A-7 is a unique and rare weapon. At 24,747 credits and 6.9 mass units, this amazing weapon is valued at 24,747.

Starfield Experiment A-7 Gun

You have to progress through the narrative until you can access the “Final Glimpses” main quest to obtain this rare weapon in the game. After you get to this location, choose the route that takes you to Freya III. Once you’re in this system, you may access the “Entangled” task. Talk to Ethan throughout this expedition to find out whether there are any native scorpions on this planet. Wait for the “Persuade” dialogue option to appear, then click on it. Ethan will then give you access to this amazing weapon.

Starfield Experiment A-7 Location

Jake’s Hangover Cure

The weapon known as Jake’s Hangover Cure is quite special, but getting it requires taking certain chances and can have negative effects. Still, the work may be worthwhile. The Big Bang weapon can deliver particle beams and ballistic damage in its current iteration. The sole negative is that it is classified as a particle-beam shotgun in terms of combat competence.

Starfield Jake's Hangover Cure

Players must enter Jake’s Bar in the Well to obtain Jake’s Hangover Cure, one of the rare weapons in the game. The weapon is stowed away beneath the bar counter, out of sight. Even with all of your stealth talents combined, it’s really difficult to take the weapon without anybody realizing that you did it.

Starfield Jake's Hangover Cure Location

Brute Force

After conquering the Red Mile race in Starfield, Mei Devine on Porrima III presents players with the Brute Force shotgun as a complimentary reward. It is one of the rare weapons that deviates from the typical firearm concept, leaning more towards a bludgeoning tool. It boasts remarkably high physical damage per shot, and its distinctive “Bashing” Rare Effect doubles the damage when using the shotgun as a melee weapon. This feature significantly bolsters the Brute Force’s combat effectiveness, proving particularly useful when facing situations with dwindling ammunition.

Starfield Brute Force Gun

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Eternity’s Gate

Inside Starfield, the sophisticated particle beam rifle known as Eternity’s Gate is a serious candidate to be the most powerful weapon in the game to date. It is a great option because of its great damaging capabilities and well-rounded statistics. This rifle, which is similar to the KRISS Vector, is more accurate, powerful, and has a longer range than other legendary weapons in the game. Its market worth, at 99,000 credits, is also remarkable.

Starfield Eternity's Gate

You can acquire this weapon by progressing through the Revelation Main Quest. Choose to align with The Hunter during the Unearthed event and subsequently triumph over The Emissary to claim the weapon.


The Revenant is a legendary rifle that will help you on your adventure by helping you take off waves of enemies. Because of its included modifications, it is extremely user-friendly and guarantees smoother handling than other rifles that might hinder your progress.

Starfield Revenant Gun

Work your way through the Crimson Fleet questline until you reach the “Eye of the Storm” assignment to get the Revenant, one of the rare weapons in the game. The weapon is conveniently located next to the transfer module lock within the control center, waiting for you to obtain it during the mission’s “Locate the Vault Control Center” assignment.

Starfield Revenant Location

Unmitigated Violence

Unmitigated Violence makes sense for this list because of its many advantageous features and extensive changes. This storied laser gun delivers a powerful punch in addition to precision, living up to its reputation. Its unique quality is that, when it hits an opponent who is completely healed, its original damage of 125 effectively doubles, making an astonishing 250 damage from a single shot. This ability will undoubtedly drastically reduce an opponent’s health reserve.

Starfield Unmitigated Violence

Obtaining the Unmitigated Violence rifle is part of the Revelation Main Quest. Opt to align with The Emissary during the Unearthed event and subsequently triumph over The Hunter to acquire this weapon.


Heller’s Cutter

Among the rare weapons in Starfield is Heller’s Cutter, a Laser Cutter customized for Heller, a colleague at Argos Extractors. You might recall the standard Laser Cutter as the initial weapon you wield in Starfield, playing a vital role during the tutorial.

Starfield Heller's Cutter

Locate Heller’s Cutter in a crate on Vectera, the moon where your journey begins in Starfield. Access to it will not be available on your initial visit. However, after completing the delivery of the Artifact to Constellation, make a return trip to the Narion system to retrieve this weapon.

Starfield Heller's Cutter Location

Shattered Shock

One of Starfield’s most potent heavy weapons is the Shattered Shock. Because of its unique design and strong damage output, this heavy weapon is a reliable choice in battle.

Starfield Shattered Shock Gun

The Hostile Intelligence faction mission in the UC Vanguard questline requires players to go through containers and gather samples to get the heavy weapon Shattered Shock. Importantly, you can also get another unique heavy weapon, the X-989 Microgun, by completing this faction mission.

Starfield Shattered Shock Location

X-989 Microgun

One Heavy Weapon that is shown in Starfield is the X-989 Microgun. Packed within a very small chassis, this unique heavy weapon has a tremendous rate of fire and an impressive damage output.

Starfield X-989 Mircogun

You must examine the armory when completing the Hostile Intelligence faction mission as part of the UC Vanguard questline to get one of the rare weapons in the game, the X-989 Microgun. It is noteworthy to add that you will also have the chance to get Shattered Shock, another unique heavy weapon, throughout this faction mission.


Syndicate Enforcer

The legendary and distinctive Wakizashi sword is reimagined as the Syndicate Enforcer in Starfield. The unique qualities that set it different from traditional Wakizashi variants make this peculiar weapon, for those who are fortunate enough to have one, a prized possession.

The Last Priest

The Last Priest stands as a distinctive weapon within the Starfield universe. While it shares a visual likeness with the common Va’ruun Painblade, it is, in fact, a unique variation of this blade.

Starfield The Last Priest Melee

Players must finish the Infinity’s End side quest to get The Last Priest, one of the game’s rare weapons. This side quest is only available once players align with the Hunter after completing the Unearthed main plot task. Hunter has requirements that players must either satisfy or convince them they have completed, even if they haven’t, to earn this Rare melee weapon.


Rare weapons in Starfield are outstanding and highly sought-after weaponry that improve gameplay in several ways. They provide exceptional skills, difficult learning curves, and opportunities for engaging narratives. Players may overcome obstacles and personalize their playstyle with these weapons’ potent toolkits. Rare weapons are essential to the immersive environment of the game, offering complexity and excitement to the player’s cosmic exploration, whether they are gathered for their prestige or usefulness.

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