Starfield: Should you side with The Hunter or The Emissary?

The Hunter or The Emissary?

As you progress through the story in Starfield you will need to make a choice between The Hunter or The Emissary. This choice will shape the rest of your journey through the story of Starfield. You can choose to not side with either and go your own way. We will take a look at everything there is to know about the 3 different choices and what you can get from them.

Starfield - The Hunter or The Emissary?

Choosing Sides: Hunter vs. Emissary

Choosing to side with either the Hunter or the Emissary is one of the main points in Starfield’s story. Both Starborns offer specific beliefs and quests needing to be done.

Siding with the Hunter

If you align yourself with the Hunter, you’ll find yourself in the midst of chaos and rebellion. The Hunter believes in the survival of the fittest, advocating a free-for-all approach to the Unity—a powerful cosmic force. This choice sets you on a path of conflict with the Emissary, the champion of order and restraint.

Starfield - Siding with the Hunter

The Final Battle

As a Hunter supporter, you’ll face the Emissary in a climactic showdown during the game’s final mission. Before reaching this point you must make a crucial decision regarding Keeper Aquilus involving either convincing him to go into hiding or eliminating him.

Starfield - The Final Battle

The Persuasive Speech Option

For those inclined towards diplomacy, there’s a Speech option to persuade the Emissary not to engage in a battle with you. But if combat prevails and you defeat the Emissary your reward is the formidable particle beam rifle known as Eternity’s Gate.

Starfield - The Persuasive Speech Option

Eternity’s Gate

As a reward for choosing the Hunter’s path and defeating the Emissary, you’ll acquire a formidable weapon: Eternity’s Gate. This particle beam rifle inflicts increased damage on human adversaries, fires two projectiles every fourth shot, and boasts volatile rounds that can cause devastating damage upon impact.

Starfield - Eternity's Gate

Siding with the Emissary

On the contrary, embracing the Emissary’s cause aligns you with principles of peace and order. The Emissary seeks to safeguard the Unity from those deemed unworthy and unstable. Your choice leads to a path that revolves around nurturing and protecting the Unity.

Starfield - Siding with the Emissary

The Emissary as an Ally

Opting for the Emissary’s side means having the Emissary as an NPC ally throughout your adventure. Once your quest concludes, the Emissary remains in your universe, actively seeking individuals deemed worthy of being Starborn.

Starfield - The Emissary as an Ally

The Fate of the Hunter

However, to fully commit to the Emissary’s cause you must make a critical decision regarding the Hunter. You can either persuade the Hunter to change their ways or eliminate the Hunter. Killing The Hunter rewards you with the powerful laser rifle known as Unmitigated Violence.

Starfield - The Fate of the Hunter

Unmitigated Violence

As a token for eliminating the Hunter, you’ll receive a laser rifle known as Unmitigated Violence. This weapon irradiates and frenzies enemies while dealing double damage to those with full health.

Starfield - Unmitigated Violence

Choosing Neither

If you do not want to align with either one you can choose not to. Doing so will take you on a challenging experience where you will need to fight both factions alone.

Starfield - Choosing Neither

The Difficult Path

Selecting neither of them means you’ll face the task of either negotiating with both the Hunter and the Emissary or engaging them in battle solo.

Starfield - The Difficult Path

If you emerge victorious in this epic battle your efforts are rewarded with both the Hunter’s and the Emissary’s weapons. This victory grants you access to Eternity’s Gate and Unmitigated Violence providing you with unparalleled firepower.

Starfield - Killing Both

Starfield’s Ending and New Game+

With the Hunter, the Emissary, or neither by your side, you’ll eventually reach Starfield’s Ending. This conclusion conveniently introduces its New Game+, offering players an opportunity to embark on a new journey with added challenges and experiences.

Starfield's Ending and New Game+

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What are the consequences of choosing the Hunter in Starfield?
Choosing the Hunter leads to a path of chaos and rebellion. You’ll fight the Emissary in the final mission, and the Emissary becomes your enemy. To progress, you’ll need to deal with Keeper Aquilus by either convincing him to hide or eliminating him. The Hunter leaves a legacy that inspires others to rise against power, and you’ll be rewarded with the particle beam rifle, Eternity’s Gate.

What happens when you side with the Emissary in Starfield?
Siding with the Emissary aligns you with a more peaceful and lawful path. The Emissary becomes your ally throughout the game, and after completing the quest, they continue to exist in the universe, seeking individuals worthy of being Starborn. Your reward for supporting the Emissary is the laser rifle, Unmitigated Violence.

What are the challenges of choosing neither the Hunter nor the Emissary in Starfield?
Opting for neither side presents a unique challenge. You’ll have to face both the Hunter and the Emissary alone, involving battles across different timelines. However, victory grants you both of their weapons.

Can I change my allegiance during the game?
No, once you make a choice to side with the Hunter, the Emissary, or neither, your decision is final for the duration of your playthrough. This decision significantly impacts the storyline and gameplay.

Can I experience all three storylines in a single playthrough?
No, you must choose one of the three paths: siding with the Hunter, the Emissary, or neither. Each path offers a unique narrative and set of challenges, encouraging players to replay the game to explore different outcomes.

Are there other consequences to my choices in Starfield?
Yes, your choices throughout the game can impact various aspects of the story, including character relationships, quest outcomes, and the overall ending. Choose wisely, as your decisions have lasting consequences.

Starfield - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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