Discover Your Quest in Starfield – The Story Behind the Game

With twenty-five years of experience, the gaming community has been fascinated by the vast and immersive games created by Bethesda Game Studios. Your quest in Starfield will be brutal, as Bethesda sets to redefine the meaning of an open-world game with not just one but thousands of realms players could visit.

What is Starfield?


Starfield is an open-world role-playing game that allows players to embark on an adventure never before seen in its genre. What sets this game apart is its ambition to extend the boundaries of exploration by inviting players to traverse a vast galactic land, each star system offering a unique environment and many untold stories. The heart of Starfield lies in its exploration. However, with a universe of such scale, exploring takes on uncharted territories. Landing on a planet is just the beginning. Players collect resources, embark on missions, and sometimes discover hidden quests. Every item you come across is complex, inviting players to pick up, inspect, and interact with every detail of each world.

Your Quest in Starfield

your quest in starfield

Your Quest in Starfield is a vague one, as it should be. Rather than having a massive streamlined quest, the game has many smaller ones. Just waiting to be discovered, one step at a time. Giving its players freedom in their progression. However, there is something akin to its main story, and one of these is your adventure with the group called “Constellation” and their journey to collect all of the artifacts.

Constellation and its Role in Starfield


Constellation is a mythical group in the game’s universe. It is one of the factions that is present in Starfield. Most people even question its existence in modern times. They are the last true explorers in the galaxy. They aim to find humanity’s biggest question: the being that created the artifacts. And as such, your quest in starfield would be to collect all of the artifacts and potentially find out who made them.

Constellation’s Members

Sarah Morgan
Was once a soldier, now turned into Constellation’s Leader.
The theologian who believes that there’s definitely something else out there.
The gifted scientist and Sarah Morgan’s protege.
A very successful businessman in the settled systems and Constellation’s financier.
The ex pirate.
Sam Coe
The former space cowboy.
A member of the Constellation
Table 1: Constellation’s Members

They are people that are affiliated with Constellation. You could recruit them and have them join your adventure. They would assist you as one of your companions in your quest in Starfield as you start to discover, collect, and study the artifacts hidden in the game’s universe.

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