Bouncer's Key Location

Bouncer’s Key Location Dead Island 2


With the new entry in the Dead Island series, the series has continued to its formula in fighting and exploration by throwing players into places packed with swarming and dangerous zombies while also teasing them secrets. The gameplay of Dead Island 2 is quite similar to that of its forerunner, and there are still a great number of puzzle boxes hidden around Hell-A for those who are curious enough to find them.

This guide will take you through the procedures required to find the Bouncer’s Key Location and open the Party Contraband Case. This case is one of numerous locked containers whose contents need the appropriate key to access.

Party Contraband Case Location

Party Contraband Case

The location of this lockbox will become visible to players as soon as they undertake the optional quest “The Ballad of Rikky Rex.” The Beverly Hills mansion that originally functioned as Rikky’s residence is situated in the southeast region, so players should go in that direction. Before the players are able to enter the higher levels of the building, The player needs to eliminate the zombie members of the band Gods and Whiskey.

Finish Rikky’s quest line and return to the location to access Rikky’s bedroom. After completing the side quests, players who return to the area may discover the Party Contraband Case stashed away in a space to the right of the closet.

Bouncer’s Key Location

Bouncer's Key Location

In Order to obtain the Bouncer’s key. You need to kill the crusher known as the Party Bouncer in Rikky’s place and the key will drop from its corpse. Return to Rikky’s bedroom and open the Party Contraband Case and you will be rewarded with the Powerful Whispering Blade.

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