Dead Island 2 – Welcome to HELL-A Trailer Breakdown

Dead Island 2 welcomes us to HELL-A otherwise know as Los Angeles. The Welcome to HELL-A trailer provided us with a good bucket list of places to visit during our downtime from smashing zombies.

What should I expect to see in HELL-A?

Short answer is LOTS. HELL-A takes us around the iconic parts of LA from Chinatown to the Holywood filming studios and top up our tans along Long Beach. It is clear from the images below that we will be in for a treat with a good day/night cycle that thankfully someone has left all the lights on while we smash some zombies.

Breakdown of HELL-A Trailer

It is clear that we are in for a very bright and colourful game with a hint of blood. Dead Island 2 has kept the tropical atmosphere Dead Island 1 has. From looking at the trailer we can get a visuals are stunning of the daytime but as night approaches we quickly are reminded that zombies don’t sleep at night and things start to get bloody. Yes… that’s the Holywood sign on fire and it seems everything around us is.

Welcome to HELL-A - Holywood sign burning
Welcome to HELL-A

Will there be lots of weapons to choose from?

It is clear from the Welcome to HELL-A trailer that weapons are not scarce but as the trailer says “You would be surprised what celebrities keep in them homes!”

Weapons seem to have a nice purple glow around them pointing out to us that there is a weapon we can use. We are unclear yet what the inventory system will be yet and if we will have enough room to pick all the weapons as they look tempting to modify them as much as possible.

Anything New to the Game for Characters?

The Welcome to HELL-A trailer showed us at the end a new character ability called ‘Fury’. We are not sure what the details other than you turn in a part zombie slashing with your bare hands as blood runs through your veins. So if you ever find yourself out of weapons you can use your bare hands to rip zombies in half. It looks interesting and keen to know how this will impact on play styles.

Be sure to check out our Extended Gameplay breakdown post as this covers abilities , skills and much more as we learn more about game before its release on the 21st April.


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