Maintenance Toolbox Key Location Dead Island 2

Maintenance Toolbox Key

During the course of your survival in Dead Island 2, you will come upon the Brentwood Sewers which holds the Maintenance Toolbox Key. It is However, a place of the dirt and vile creatures, your character will have to contend with the hordes of the undead that are waiting on the corridors and tunnels of hell. You will discover a zombie that holds Maintenance Toolbox Key for a special treasure. Fortunately, this tutorial will assist you in unlocking and claiming the goodies that are contained within this bin.

Maintenance Toolbox Key Location

In order to acquire the Maintenance Toolbox Key, The player must finish the Brentwood Sewer main quest line. If you have already finished the quest, backtrack to the location shown in the map and there you should find Maintenance Worker.

Maintenance Toolbox Key

Felipe is a named Butcher Zombie which can be classified as a variant of an Apex Zombie. You can make this fight easy by using a firearm with any elements you can use and keeping you distance since Butcher zombie can do fast attacks to the player. Be aware that butcher zombies have an aggressive behaviour and is immune to damage when blocking. Try to shoot the legs if it attempts to block. If you plan to use melee weapons, use sharp or frenzy weapons with any element.

If you can do perfect dodge or block, they will be briefly exposed to follow-ups that can damage their stability severely. Be careful not to let him escape if he took too much damage since butchers can regain their health by eating nearby corpses.

Maintenance Toolbox Key

Once you killed Felipe, It will drop the BWRP Technician’s key. You can then now proceed to the Staff Drawers Location.

Maintenance Toolbox Key

BWRP Maintenance Toolbox Location

In order to unlock the BWRP Maintenance Toolbox . You can follow the location on the map below.

Maintenance Toolbox Key

This toolbox will drop Leeching Zombie Axe which has High attack damage and has leech attribute which can make the player regain their HP.

Maintenance Toolbox Key

There you have it. You’ve completed the BWRP Maintenance Toolbox loot quest. Hope You like our guide. And if you also wanna know more, just check the links and references below.

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