Randgate Security Key Location Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2’s gameplay is quite similar to that of its predecessor, and players who wish to unlock all of Hell-A’s secrets will still locate a large number of keys very similar to the Randgate Security Key. The latest installment in the Dead Island series sticks to the series’ formula in combat and exploration by placing players in areas teeming with hazardous zombies and hiding plenty of surprises to keep them guessing.

In order to access the Randgate Security Case, you will need to locate the Randgate Security Key Location, and this article will show you how to do both. This is only one of many such locked cases whose contents can only be accessed with the right key.

Randgate Security Key Location

Randgate Security Key

To obtain the Randgate Security Key, the player must complete the Ocean Avenue main storyline. If you have already completed the story quest, return to the location marked on the map to locate Randgate Staff.

Randgate Staff

Randgate Staff is a named Voltaic Screamer. An Apex Zombie that uses Scream to disorient your character. In this fight, You can use a firearm to easily dispose this enemy, I’ve personally used the legendary weapon – Bodycount.

Be aware to not use shock-type weapon as the voltaic screamer is immune to them. Disrupt its scream by throwing something or using a firearm, Once its stunned you can use this window to apply stacks of status effect to drain their stability. If you want to fight this mini boss with a melee weapon with blunt damage, You can use a bulldozer type weapon in this fight to counter its type. Actively dodge their scream and smash them during this window.

Randgate Security Key

After you have defeated the Randgate Staff, it will drop the Randgate Security Key once it has been finished off. You are free to head on over to the Randgate Security Case Location at this time.

Randgate Secure Case Location

Randgate Security Key

To go into the Randgate Security Case, you will need to unlock it. You can find your way there by following the directions on the map below.

Randgate Security Key

This case will drop Vengeful Weapon Mod. After an attack is interrupted or you are knocked down, gain a moderate DAMAGE boost.

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