Serling Reception Key Location Dead Island 2

Serling Reception Key

The gameplay of Dead Island 2 is quite similar to that of its forerunner, and there are still a great number of keys just like the Serling Reception Key hidden around Hell-A for those who are curious enough to find them. With the new entry in the Dead Island series, the series has continued to its formula in fighting and exploration by throwing players into places packed with swarming and dangerous zombies while also teasing them secrets.

This guide will take you through the procedures required to find the Serling Reception Key Location and open the Serling Reception Safe. This case is one of numerous locked containers whose contents need the appropriate key to access.

Serling Reception Key Location

In order to acquire the Serling Reception Key, The player must finish the Ocean Avenue main story quest line. If you have already finished the story quest, Backtrack to the location shown in the map and there you should find Serling Concierge.

Serling Reception Key

Serling Concierge is a named Zombie which can be classified as a newer variant of an Apex Zombie. You can make this fight easy by using a firearm with shock or bleed damage and keeping you distance since zombie can still damage to the player. be aware that Apex zombies have a large chunk of health pool and has no resistance. If you plan to use melee weapons, Use sharp weapons with shock and bleed element. You can easily get behind this zombie since its movement is sluggish and predictable.

Serling Reception Key

Once you killed Serling Concierge , It will drop the Serling Reception Key . You can then now proceed to the Serling Reception Safe Location.

Serling Reception Key

Serling Reception Safe Location

In order to unlock the Serling Reception Safe. You can follow the location on the map below.

Serling Reception Key

This drawer will drop Superior Melee Mutilator Mod which can be used as an attachment to any melee weapon. This Mod Gives a major PHYSICAL DAMAGE boost. Successive hits to a zombie also apply the WEAKENED effect. Hitting a weakened zombie regains stamina.

Serling Reception Key

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