10 Tips and Tricks in Palia that Players SHOULD Know

Palia is a game that has launched recently that has been making waves around gaming communities for the freedom it gives its players. Imagine an alternate reality in which you can do pretty much anything you like. That is what Palia is, it is an open world with its fun adventures and scenic destinations. Here are 10 tips and tricks in Palia that players should know before playing the game.

Tips and Tricks in Palia to Do When Hunting

tips and tricks in palia

When hunting, ever get annoyed when you are trying to use a specific arrow in your inventory but it uses something else? The placement of the arrow in your inventory will determine which arrow to shoot first. The game will prioritize arrows placed toward the left of the inventory rather than those that are placed near the right of the inventory.

Priority on arrows

This is one of the tips and tricks in Palia that players should know since there are different types of arrows in Palia and each will have a different use case. You wouldn’t want to use a rocket launcher when you’re trying to squish a bug. That would be inefficient because that’s expensive and you can do the same with just using your hand.

ArrowDescriptionCostsCrafting Costs

Standard Arrow
A regular arrow that deals average damage.100 Gold5 Sapwood
1 Copper Bar

Slowdown Arrow
An arrow that does average damage and slows creatures down.500 Gold5 Sapwood
1 Copper Bar
1 Briar Daisy

Fine Arrow
A regular arrow that deals high damage.1000 Gold5 Heartwood
1 Iron Bar

Dispel Arrow
An arrow that deals high damage and disrupts the magical abilities of powerful creatures.2000 Gold1 Flow-Infused Wood
1 Iron Bar
1 Brightshroom
Table 1: Types of Arrows

As you can see some arrows are way more expensive than others. They cost more gold to make and use way more hard-to-find materials. Making it a pain if you mistakenly use a more expensive arrow in a use case that could also use a cheaper arrow. That is why it is imperative to remember this among the tips and tricks in Palia while hunting and make sure you are using the correct type!

You are using your renowned WRONG

Focus bonus

Renown is a resource in Palia that you gain while doing in-game quests, accomplishments, and talking around NPCs. It can be used in one of three ways, buying writs of expansion, Increasing focus bonus, and focus capacity. Many people can make the mistake of buying tons of writs of expansion, and or not balancing focus bonus and focus capacity. Renown is a resource that you can gain plenty of early on in the game but gets harder to earn once you progress and play the game more thus budgeting it will become important.

Focus bonus explained

Focus bonus is a game mechanic that uses the focus you have to add more experience. You can regain focus by eating food. You can increase your focus bonus by communing with the phoenix statue, and your focus capacity by communing with the dragon statue. This is one of the tips and tricks in Palia that more players should know. The more focus bonus you have, the more focus it eats to gain more experience. Thus, maxing out your focus bonus prematurely can severely impact your gameplay if you still don’t have a meaningful way to regain focus points.

Save your Fishing bait

Fishing bait

Were you in need of a specific fish for something like Night Sky Temple Ancient Vault? This is one of the tips and tricks in Palia that helps in saving fishing bait like worms or glow worms. Simply cast your fishing rod using the bait you desire and wait for the fish you need to show up near the bait. If a fish that you didn’t need shows up, simply wait for it to go away and then recast your fishing rod. The bait you used will come back to your inventory, but this will come at a cost as it consumes a bit of the fishing rod’s durability. 

Gardening is not what you think it is


Gardening is a simple mechanic in which you plant seeds in a plot of land and wait for them to grow. It’s easy to merely arrange them as you please but did you know that there is a hidden feature in gardening that Palia players SHOULD know?

CropEffect on Nearby Crops
Potato Crop Icon
Water Retain
Tomato Icon
Water Retain
Wheat Crop Icon
Increase Yield
Rice Crop Icon
Increase Yield

Increase Quality
Carrot Icon
Prevents Weedgrow
Onion Crop Icon
Prevents Weedgrow
Blueberry Icon
Faster Growth Rate

Faster Growth Rate
Table 2: Effect of Each Plant

That is right, the placement of your crops matters in getting high plant yields. This is one of the tips and tricks in Palia that many of the players still don’t know about. Because each plant will affect its neighboring plants differently in ways you could not imagine. 

Villagers love this one thing

Gifting food for NPCs

Are you trying to befriend a particular NPC that you like? Well, you are in luck since this is one of the tips and tricks in Palia that you should know. Did you know that you can still give NPCs things that are not on their weekly list? Well, Villagers in particular love a tasty meal themselves. Gifting them something that is not on their weekly list will result in less friendship experience but it will still give a lot if done daily.

Talking to NPCs

One of the tips and tricks in Palia that you should know is that if you try talking to the villagers every in-game day, it will also increase their friendship experience for free. Every in-game day is 1 hour in real life. So if you have the time and want a free friendship experience do this!

Cook more with less with this one trick

Cooking with friends

When you are about to cook, why not invite friends to do it with you? This will give everybody involved a massive bonus. This is because as long as everybody contributes something to the dish, everybody will get the dish that the group is trying to make. This will be beneficial since it will consume far fewer resources to get the same amount of food. This is one of the tips and tricks in Palia that you will need for your adventures. 

When exploring the Palia world, get every resource you can

Gathering everthing

When you are roaming around the map and you find anything that can be claimed by a press of a button, get it. One of the tips and tricks in Palia that you should know is to try to get everything you can easily get. as it will help you since a lot of recipes you may come across may need something random. In the likely event that you needed something, if you do this tip, you may already have it!

Selling off items

If you do not need the resource that you got, well you’re in luck as one of the tips and tricks in Palia that you should know is the ability to also sell it for gold. At the very least, when you are walking around the map, you are getting passive income!

Navigate around the map with this one game mechanic

Waypoint explained

Did you know that you can place waypoints around the map? This is another one of those tips and tricks in Palia that you should know is that, you can place it by simply clicking the scroll wheel of your mouse on where you want to go on the map. This will help when you are trying to go to a specific spot so that you do not need to open up your map the whole time.

waypoint on NPCs

This will also work with notable places on the map and also NPCs. That way you can track them and get to them more efficiently!

Keep your forge running perpetually

Forge running

Do you have a surplus of materials that need to be processed by a forge or sawmill? Did you know that even if you are offline, your forge or sawmill would still work? That is right, the long times for processing copper, iron, silver, or gold bars would be a thing of the past. Just make sure your forge and sawmill are occupied before you go offline!

Take photos of your journey!


The last tip and trick in Palia that you should know is that when you are having fun while exploring Palia, don’t forget to take a picture of your memories! Simply press K on your keyboard and start blasting away at photos. So that when you look back at your joyful memories, you have full documentation of every fun moment that you have done!

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