Complete Guide to Rooted

Here is a complete guide to Rooted that players needed to know before the full launch.

What is Rooted?

Complete Guide to Rooted Game

Rooted is a solo or multiplayer open-world post-apocalyptic survival game which happened around the year 2100. The character that the players will use, is one of the many people who survived the apocalypse. There was a civilization back then that got eradicated because of global bacteriological warfare.

The aim of this game is to survive through the areas with the various challenges that the players will face. The players will explore, build, and survive the post-apocalyptic environment.

Who is the Publisher of Rooted?

Complete Guide to Rooted Headlight Studio

The developer and publisher of the game, Rooted, is Headlight Studio. The game Rooted is powered by Unreal Engine 5, which was also used by the developers of the game called, Elden Ring. The most recent version of the Unreal Engine is called Unreal Engine 5. It was developed and maintained by Epic Games. It is a strong engine with broad industry usage and an effective support network. It is mostly used to create real-time 3D games.

Will Rooted be a Free to Play?

The game will not be free to play, and there are still no updates to its final price since the game is not yet finished developing.

What Type of Platform Supports Rooted?

As of now, Rooted will only be available on the PC, at Steam, and will be available soon at Epic Games. But Headlight Studio said that it will most likely be available sometime after the early access on the PC.

Will Rooted be a Multiplayer Game?

Complete Guide to Rooted Multiplayer

The Rooted will be an online open-world multiplayer game that you can play solo or with your friends.

What are the Genres of Rooted?

The genres of Rooted are adventure, simulation, and a survival game.

What Kind of Gameplay Does Rooted Have?

Rooted is all about doing what it takes just to survive. The players will have the freedom to explore areas; salvage materials or any other resources; build a shelter; craft equipment; hunt food; and most importantly, survive amidst the challenges the players may face.

Survivor Guide

This feature will help the players to be aware and knowledgeable about what is happening to their surroundings. It is a compilation of the things that the players have gathered through exploring the deserted place.

Limited Supplies

Rooted Supplies

In the deserted place, after the apocalypse, the supplies of essential things like water, food, medicinal plants, tools, and other resources that are needed in order to survive in a place that you are unfamiliar with yet. Through this kind of challenge, players needed to sustain properly the things that they got from exploring the deserted place.

Workbench and Blueprint

Rooted Materials

Through exploring some areas, the players will be able to find some towns left by the previous civilization that have objects that the players can use which can help them in surviving the post-apocalyptic world. A workbench is a feature in the game that allows players to craft and repair objects that are gathered from place to place. While the blueprint is obtainable after the players made progress by exploring various towns in the game.


Rooted Drone

This equipment allows the players to survey some areas that are not accessible yet and can be dangerous. But be aware of using it, and make sure that only use it if it is only needed since it requires energy before using it.

Facing Opponents

Rooted Enemies

In a game of survival, there will be always a group of enemies that will oppose your actions. In Rooted, the players will encounter people who see you as a threat, which is the Resistance, whether on hunting or living in a deserted place that only has limited supplies. The players will also encounter various species that will be a threat to you like robots. By that, players will need resources when facing enemies, like weapons to fight or defend themselves. In the forest, there will be some wild animals that can either be helpful or be a threat to your life.

Rooted Resistance

In-Game Communication

This feature allows the players to understand each other which will help them on exploring the game.

PvP Battle

The developers also said that the game will have a PvP version that allows players to challenge each other, but it is not specified yet what kind of gameplay it has.

When Will Rooted be Available to Play?

As of this moment, Rooted’s official release date is still undetermined. Headlight Studio, the developers, disclosed that players can purchase early access and beta access, more details of which are available in the pledge section of their official website. Additionally, they declared that early access would commence in 2024. Make sure that you check out their official website for the latest information.

Are There Any Available Trailers of Rooted?

Currently, the developers of Rooted have only released one trailer. But, they are uploading videos of the gameplay one by one. To watch those videos, make sure to subscribe to their youtube channel. Five months after releasing the official videos containing some of the gameplay that Rooted has, 250k people added the game to their wish list on Steam. By that, people immediately trust the developers that the game that they will release is going to be the future of MMO games. Here is the official trailer of Rooted which was released last year, on August 22.

This complete guide to Rooted will help the players to be aware of the features of the game before its full launch of it. While waiting for the game to be released, how about taking a look at other MMOs we’re covering?


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