EverQuest 2 The Year of Darkpaw Celebration Begins Now!

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EverQuest 2 The Year of Darkpaw Celebration Information

Celebrate everything EverQuest 2 starting January 1st 2024 in the Year of Darkpaw Celebration event! The celebration starts with “Masquerades of Divinity” where the god’s heralds make an appearance in multiple locations across Norrath. You’ll be able to challenge these Avatars during the celebration. Some take the forms of past foes as well as brand-new challenges.

New heralds will spawn between the beginning, middle and end of each month – up until September!

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There’ll be other surprises along the way. To progress each herald’s camp you’ll have to complete tasks & missions. Only at maximum camp level can you call forth the herald. Completing these camps can provide powerful and unique weapons. Finally you’ll gain access to an ability that allows you to teleport to each celebration camp!

Another obtainable gift in January is the adorable Maxembert the Feisty!

everquest 2 the year of darkpaw maxembert

You’ll only have until January 31st 2024 to obtain this pet though, so be fast! If you already have the pet – grab the plushy version for your house in January’s Limited Edition Items section!

As a bonus in January, you’ll be able to obtain a premium White Lacquer Bedroom Furniture bundle!

everquest 2 the year of darkpaw bedroom

During the EverQuest 2 The Year of Darkpaw celebrations, there’ll be five collections that reward you upon completion with the currency “Year of Darkpaw Doubloons”. Next, Achievements will become available for defeating Avatars & completing missions for the Avatar camps, also for looting divine items and more!

Every reset, players will be given a random mission from a pool of available missions for the event. Starting at Level 5, you can also pick up a “Year of Darkpaw: Celebration Contribution” daily mission for more!

everquest 2 the year of darkpaw merchant

Darkpaw Celebrator Katrynn can be located in North Qeynos and at the Freeport Docks to check out all available items!

Daybreak Games will be hosting some social media contests, events and more later this month! Make sure to use the tag “#yearofdarkpaw” on social media for their contests.

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