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Here is everything on Path of Exile through the recently held Exilecon 2023 which took place in New Zealand recently! Through the years, Path Of Exile has undergone a lot of changes from graphics to various in-game mechanics, NPCs, items, storylines, and other updates. Now, the future of Path of Exile has come to a beginning! Let’s dive into everything Exilecon!

everything on path of exile - II

Everything on Path of Exile: Path of Exile 2

As announced back in 2019 in Exilcon, Path of Exile 2 is in the works and has been in the works for 4 years. However, the developers surely didn’t expect the love and support the game would garner or let alone only on its announcement day! Path of Exile 2 grew larger and larger than intended. Before, Path of Exile 2 was supposed to be a replacement for its predecessor, Path of Exile. But, getting rid of a game that is loved by many and all wouldn’t be such a grand idea wouldn’t it? So! The developers made a way for both installments of games to exist while also being independent of one another!

During Exilecon, we got to know and see more of the new installment to Path of Exile, Path of Exile 2 such as quick gameplay, what Path of Exile 2 has in store, differences between the first game and the recently announced, Path of Exile 2. Stay tuned to find out more about this exciting news and know more about everything on Path of Exile!

everything on path of exile - combat

And so, Path of Exile 2 will be separate from the first Path of Exile but both games will share platforms! Path of Exile 2 will have different mechanics, monsters, mobs, items, and so much more to differ from the first Path of Exile! Exciting isn’t it? There’s so much more to uncover! This way, both games are special in their own way! Through story, environment, items, and enemies to fight, both games will be somewhat the same but different!

What to expect

Curious about the up-and-coming game? As included in everything to expect on Path of Exile, here’s exactly what to expect.

everything on path of exile - enemies

A lot of bloodshed and excitement!

That’s right! Path of Exile 2 will bare many new mechanics, mobs to fight, as well as items to find or buy. Speaking of buying, players can buy and use items in both games given that the game has the ability for that item to be used in the first place. Not following? For example, you can change into a bear in Path of Exile 2 but you can’t change in Path of Exile 1 due to the ability not being available in the first place. Imagine what other things players can do with both games and everything on Path of Exile! The possibilities for things are endless!

everything on path of exile - characters

Set on a journey to seek and find out more of everything on Path of Exile. Uncover treasures, hunt for rare items, and hunt to defeat the strongest enemies there are! Find the light in all the darkness. What’s there to stop you? If Path of Exile 1 was a game beloved and held dearly to people’s hearts, Path of Exile 2 will amplify that! With its new environment, mechanics, and more. Gives you that feel of something new and yet so familiar!

What’s new?

As Path of Exile 2 comes into the fray of the gaming world, this installment of Path of Exile will boast a whole new array of monsters, items, and stories that differ from the first game. In everything on Path of Exile, the new game will also have a lot of features to offer to players and fans alike! As a taste, Path of Exile 2 has its very own unique set of player classes which are the following:

Brand new player classes to master

  • The Witch
  • The Duelist
  • The Shadow
  • The Templar
  • The Marauder
  • The Warrior
  • The Huntress
  • The Sorceress
  • The Mercenary
  • The Monk
  • The Druid
everything on path of exile - rage

Pumped for the new set of classes to enjoy? Let’s keep the hype going! Aside from the new classes and abilities to marvel and experience, Path of Exile 2 will also have new bosses and enemies for players to face. Some may have ties to the first game, Path of Exile, but all of the new bosses will be different and unique to Path of Exile 2!

New Environments. Conquer the world and its wonders!

  • As seen in Exilecon 2023 and everything on Path of Exile, there will be a total of 100 new environments in Path of Exile 2. Lots of land to explore and uncover. But, with the many lands and locations come its many inhabitants. Some may not be as friendly as the locals! Be wary of your surroundings!
everything on path of exile - environments

Monsters to battle and defeat!

  • Like the many new lands to be added in Path of Exile 2, there will be a whopping total of 600 new monsters to come upon and fight!
everything on path of exile - monsters

Bosses to face head on

  • As part of everything on Path of Exile, monsters and bosses go hand in hand. Path of Exile 2 will bring forth 100 new bosses for players to face. Will they suffer a painful death at the hands of one of these treacherous beings? Or will they stand in victory and marvel over the spoils of battle? Who knows!
everything on path of exile - bosses

Passive skills to obtain

  • Among other things new in Path of Exile 2, there will be 1500 total Passive Skills for players to train for and obtain. Master the art of combat!
everything on path of exile - skills

Ascendancy Classes to study and train for

  • As the new Path of Exile 2 game is being developed and molded into perfection, players can also expect more and new Ascendancy Classes to unlock.

Lots of passive skills!

  • Excited about everything on Path of Exile? There’s so much more! There will be a total of 240 active skills in Path of Exile 2!
everything on path of exile - active skills

Types of Equipment

  • Path of Exile 2 brings a lot of new goodies into the world of MMO gaming. Included are the 700 new equipment types!

Release date of Path of Exile 2?

For now, Path of Exile 2 isn’t expected to release soon. However, it might be released in late 2023 or early 2025. Until then, gamers and fans alike can await its updates and other news regarding its state and many features to come. For now, everything on Path of Exile and Path of Exile 2 is still being developed. even so, we know that there will be lots of amazing features to look forward to! Events, items, farming and so much more!

New Game acts to complete and fight through

With all the things Path of Exile 2 holds, Path of Exile 2 will also come with 6 new game acts for players to play through. Everything on Path of Exile has something for everyone! With all the acts come their stories, monsters, and what exactly happened.


You read that right, warrior! Path of Exile 2 is indeed also a co-op game where players can enjoy the company of their friends as they battle through the challenges and enemies in the realm. It’s more fun with friends after all! Plus! Teamwork fairs better than going alone in such an evil and vile world.

In Path of Exile, players are able to play in a party of 6 people! That’s right! 6 warriors to battle and triumph with! So what are you waiting for? Share your victory!

everything on path of exile - coop

How do I play Path of Exile?

For now, Path of Exile 2 isn’t available to play yet but players can sign up to get updates on future changes, news, and even the testing phases! However, Path of Exile is a free-to-play game! By playing and getting to know the first Path of Exile, players can get a small idea of how Path of Exile 2 will be! Want to know more? Here’s how to get started on your journey!

  • Download the Epic Games Launcher.
  • From there, go to the Epic Games store.
  • After doing so, visit the free-to-play section and find Path of Exile.

Want to know more about Path of Exile 2? Visit the official site of the game and sign up to be the first to know about further updates and news about the game. As an added bonus for all of you gamers and warriors alike:

Path of Exile 2’s Closed Beta has been announced to be set on June 7, 2024! So sign up now and await its arrival in glory!

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To end this piece for everything on Path of Exile, let’s sit down and catch up with a quick summary of everything Path of Exile 2 will bring, what we went over, and what can we expect with the new up-and-coming game! Players can also expect to see more action in terms of combat and mechanics. Aside from the typical features and bits to look forward to, what can Path of Exile 2 bring into the gaming world that Path of Exile doesn’t have already?

Path of Exile 2 is a wholly separate game but in the same realm as the first installment of the series, With this, Path of Exile 2 has a lot of differences as well as a lot of similarities. This way, a comparison between the two isn’t really necessary! Both have their own quirks as well as their own tricks up their sleeves! Both are special in their own way and both can be enjoyed equally as the other!

With that in mind, everything on Path of Exile is filled with nothing but excitement and glory! How can we be sure, just see the current state of both games! Lots of fans giving their love and support to the franchise! Path of Exile has already garnered a lot of loyal fans because of its graphics, story, and everything it has given. Path of Exile 2 will be no exemption in terms of its full potential and what it can give to the gaming world! new bosses, new items, new worlds to explore, new everything to marvel and experience!

If you’d like more about everything on the path of Exile, sign up now and be a part of its never-ending and ever-growing community! Join us as we await the new game’s homecoming fellow gamers and MMO fans alike! Until next time! Stay tuned for more of everything on Path of Exile!

We hope you enjoyed our word on Path of Exile and its many news and engagements. We will continue to bring you news as the game expands into more forms and updates but until then, join our official discord server channel to be the first to know of brand-new news, guide, and updates on Path of Exile or any other games! Want more? Stay tuned to feel free to dive into more of our articles! Safe travels on your path, warrior!


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