Everything We Know About Soulframe

In this article, we are going to talk about everything we know about Soulframe so far that you should check out before its launch. As big fans of Warframe, we are super excited to follow the development of Soulframe.

Everything we know about soulframe

What is Soulframe?

Soulframe is a co-op action and MMORPG in an open-world game. The game will be focused as a fantasy game since it is inspired by Studio Ghibli’s movie entitled, Princess Mononoke.

Who is the Developer of Soulframe?

Digital Extremes Logo

The developer and publisher of the game Soulframe is Digital Extremes, which also developed the popular game, Warframe.

What Genre is Soulframe?

The genres of Soulframe are going to be fantasy, romanticism, and adventure, and will take place in an open-world game.

Is Soulframe Going to be a Free to Play Game?

Yes, Soulframe will be a free-to-play game.

What are the Things to Expect on Soulframe?

Soulframe Gameplay


Unlike Warframe which is more focused on range weapons and is a fast-paced game, Soulframe will be the opposite. It will be a slow-paced game and will focus on melee weapons. A slow-paced game will help the players to be more strategic since you cannot just run toward the enemy and slash them immediately. The players need to think about what they will do such as blocking the attack of the enemies or just dodging it first before attacking them. Positioning will be important!


Soulframe Setting

We are currently impossible to determine the exact spot of the game based on the available trailers that we can watch. But it will take place within a science fiction-inspired fantasy world and include a nature-themed game.


Soulframe Ability

There will be abilities that the players can use in order to beat various enemies. As of now, there was a video uploaded by the developers that showcase the gameplay of Soulframe, in which the character drains life from the enemies and then, immediately sent birds to attack the enemy and stun them.

What Platforms Support Soulframe?

As of right now, Soulframe’s supported platforms have not received any upgrades. However, a PC release is very likely given the platforms that its sibling game, Warframe, is accessible on. It is not confirmed for other platforms such as the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X|S.

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When Will Soulframe be Released?

The Soulframe is going to be released in late 2024. The game director, Steve Sinclair, tweeted last year, 2022, that the closed alpha will be available sometime this year, 2023. That means that some players may get access to play the game before the full launch of it, but there is no new news on this yet.

Sites and Pages to Follow to be Updated About Soulframe

To be more updated about what is happening to the developing status of Soulframe, make sure to bookmark the official site of Digital Extremes. There will be many kinds of stuff there to follow, like TennoCon events which is the annual convention of their other game, Warframe.

Additionally, don’t forget to bookmark Soulframe’s main website. There, you can register, make an account, and get emails about game updates.

Soulframe Site Puzzle

However, you will have to solve a puzzle in order to be tested before you can access the website.

You can also follow their official Twitter account. They upload stuff like various types of in-game species that you can encounter while exploring, and other news and updates of the game.

Soulframe Trailers

You can watch the available trailers on the official YouTube channel of Soulframe. You can also watch the stuff that have done like how they got the animal sounds and other background music that are in the game.

As of now, there are only limited things we know about Soulframe since the developers are still working on it. But based on the trailers, this is everything we know about Soulframe. While waiting for its full launch, check out other games that we are covering.


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