Fantastic Pixel Castle Announces their New MMO “Ghost”

Fantastic Pixel Castle’s founder, Greg Street better known as “Ghostcrawler” recently tweeted that his newly formed remote studio Fantastic Pixel was ready to announce their first game, an MMO code named “Ghost”. Roughly a week after this announcement Fantastic Pixel Castle would have their first stream to get into further detail about their new project “Ghost”.

Fantastic pixel castle announcement - logo

Fantastic Pixel Castle Announcement Stream

The founder of Fantastic Pixel Castle, Greg Street, recently went live on the studio’s first announcement stream ever featuring himself and some of the studio team members to announce its brand new MMO game called “Ghost”. During the live stream, they went over various details about the up-and-coming game as well as handling a Q&A portion.

fpc team members

The State Of The Game

As mentioned by Greg Street in their recent live stream, the game is in Early Development as of this time. This means that the developers don’t have final game footage and photos but they are showing the game as early as now to hopefully gather critical information from the fans such as feedback and what there is to change and add to the game to maximize enjoyment and experience. With this, the developers can better the game further as early as now before their official launch to the public.

What Makes Ghost Special?

As some of the team members came from World of Warcraft, they had the goal of making an MMO game special and stand out from all the rest. Of course, it is impossible to not be the same in some aspects but Fantastic Pixel Caslt intends Ghost to have the typical dungeons and missions but with a special twist as it is a different game entirely compared to other MMOs or MMORPGs.

“We love WOW’s (World of Warcraft) Dungeons and Raids. We don’t think there’s a lot we need to do there differently. We’ll put our spin on it, it’s a different game, and it’s a different IP but overall, we’re not going to spend a lot of points innovating on things like that, however, we think that adventuring is like going out into the world, doing quests kind of figuring out where you’re supposed to go next has not aged so well and we think that it’s a great opportunity to innovate.-Greg Street, Studio Head & Game Director


Judging by the current art released by the game devs, the game will feature several maps and islands players can explore. Aside from the maps and land, the game also features what looks to be breathtaking scenes of floating islands and castles along with other debris and buildings as seen in the presented footage below. It shows how small the player is but brings in a lot of inspiration!

ghost city view
View of the Shards from the City View

The World

The Fantastic Pixel Castle announcement featured the setting of the game itself. The game, Ghost, is set in a shattered world where players are placed in a mysterious ancient city. Then, if they look up into the sky, they will see the various floating shatters of land that once was. Just there, calling and waiting to be discovered and their secrets yearning to be unraveled.

fpc shattered world view from above

Vision Of Ghost

The Fantastic Pixel Castle announcement also featured a look into the earliest and current design of Ghost. However, these are all not final as of now but even so, all of which are great materials to go off of when thinking of expectations for the game and what may bring to the MMO gaming world.

greg street sketch
The earliest sketch of the realm in Ghost done by Greg Street.

Mechanics Of Ghost

As seen above with the Fantastic Pixel Castle announcement images on the game’s design, Ghost is set to feature two types of World Shards for players to explore and discover. Red Shards and Blue Shards.

World Shards

World Shards are what players may see high up in the sky better known as Ghost’s various Realms. In Ghost, World Shards are divided into two types for players.

ghost realm designs

Red World Shards

In the Red World Shards, players can find dungeons, bosses, and other enemies as well as activity in this group of worlds. To better represent the Red World Shard’s reputation, think of it as the cage for all the danger and thrill! In this World Shard group, other players and raids can also be found. Some important items and drops may also only be found in the Red Shards and not so much anywhere else.

Blue World Shards

Compared to the Red World Shards, the Blue World Shards are more peaceful and private for you and your friends to explore. Here, there are little dangers and more fun to experience! If ever you’d like to initiate a guild PVP where you fight another guild, there will be no random players joining to cause imbalance in the battle. The Blue World Shards isn’t really MMO since there are no random players and that is where the Red World Shards will come in to balance everything out.

The Red Shards offer players a more Theme Park feel with a consistent feel for every player. Blue Shards specializes in more of a Sandbox environment for you and your group to have fun with. Base building, crafting, or even just sitting and enjoying the environment around you without the worry of grieving or being killed while you’re AFK. Players can also find themselves in a loop where they may need something for their next boss or weapon that can be found and farmed in the Red Shards and then return to their friends in the Blue Shards Group.

The Realm of Ghost heavily resembles that of a survival-type game but Ghost isn’t all about that. As per Greg Street in the Fantastic Pixel Castle announcement, Ghost will be about players writing their own story, choosing their own path, and forging their own legend within the game!

Ghost’s Goal

In the Fantastic Pixel Castle announcement, the devs made it clear that the goal for Ghost is to be immersive, mysterious, and worthy of the player’s time and investment. This checks off the fact that the game will stay interesting and fresh and not disappear from the gaming community immediately unlike other unsuccessful EPs. The inspiration behind Ghost is everything from Elden Ring to DND.

A Fresh Take

Included in the Fantastic Pixel Castle is one of the game’s most highlighted features. A fresh take on the fantasy genre. Because the devs wanted to make Ghost incredibly special from all the other past MMO games, they made it a mission to experiment with different types of races, creating what has never been done before, and even making unique creatures players may encounter during their time in Ghost. Aside from the creatures and races players may find interesting in Ghost, the Fantastic Pixel Castle announcement also said that Ghost will have a bunch of classes for players to try out.

Aside from the very basic class of Warrior or the Mage, Ghost classes will be unique and different from all the typical chosen classes like Rangers, Elves, etc. Some of them will be weird and new but, at least that’s deviating from the usual classes you’ll find in MMO games that may grow to be boring or tiresome through the years. Something new!

We hope you enjoyed our latest on the Fantastic Pixel Castle announcement of Ghost. If you’d like to know more about this game in the future, join our official Discord Channel where you’ll be the first to be notified of new releases, news, or even game guides for Ghost and other MMO games. Until we meet again!


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