Importance of Ship Module Upgrades

You will be up against hundreds of Automatons and Terminids in HELLDIVERS 2, so having the appropriate ship modules and stratagems unlocked will greatly increase your chances of surviving. This item can increase damage output, shorten cooldowns, and enhance other aspects of the different stratagems.


When HELLDIVERS 2’s harsher difficulties get more challenging, you will find that your weapon is not cutting it alone. At this point, you should start upgrading your destroyer by installing ship modules. You can obtain these using the ship management system, but they will not be available for immediate purchase as each one requires at least 60 samples. In HELLDIVERS 2, as you advance in level, you should improve your spacecraft in addition to your armor and weaponry. The Ship Management console offers two different kinds of improvements. Among these are Ship Modules, which affect several Stratagems and grant you bonuses.

Level 8 Difficulty

Upgrades known as Ship Modules in Helldivers 2 can give a player’s equipment a variety of passive perks. Benefits include longer magazines, health increases, and enhanced targeting along with quicker cooldown periods. It may occasionally be necessary to acquire prior modules in order to access others. Players can unlock these modules by gathering Samples. It enhance your gameplay by providing significant buffs to various aspects of your equipment and abilities.

This item is located in your Ship Management under the third section or tab. This is significant since it will affect the trees you unlock as you advance through the game. Upgrading the Patriotic Administration Center tree of Ship Module should be your top priority, for instance, if you truly enjoy support weapons in the tree of stratagems. That’s how easy it is.

Third Tab

Selecting the appropriate Ship Modules is essential to customizing your loadout to your gaming requirements. By making particular upgrades to their ship modules, each player in Helldivers 2 can customize their gameplay experience. The resources and strategies available during operations are directly impacted by these decisions. Because rare samples, such as Super Pink or Rare Orange samples, are required for higher-tier improvements, the player must carefully manage their resource usage. Every decision should take the player’s role on the team, favorite weapons, and supporting gear into account.


Through mission completion, leveling up, and Requisition Slip acquisition, players can access new ship modules. With these, stratagems can be improved, resulting in shorter cooldown times and higher damage output. Stratagems that work in Helldivers 2 match the obstacles that are present. The secret is to choose Stratagems that align with the mission type and strategy of your team.


During multiplayer gameplay in Helldivers 2, players can distribute these enhancements to their other players. Because all players can gain from the combined enhancements, this sharing mechanism increases team cohesion and mission performance overall.

The Eagle 110MM Rocket Pods, Eagle Smoke Strike, and Eagle Cluster Bomb ship modules are the ones that players are most interested in acquiring. Your combat abilities will be significantly enhanced by these modules, giving you the ability to tackle tasks more powerfully and effectively.

Hangar Ship Module

Importance of Ship Module Upgrades Summary

In Helldivers 2, there are eighteen of them that fall into six different categories: Patriotic Administration Center, Orbital Cannon, Hangar Ship, Bridge Ship, and Engineer Bay. Obtaining common samples, rare samples, and super samples is necessary for each of them.

Ship Modules

It will take some trial and error to figure out how to combine your ship module upgrades and stratagems. Just decide based on the sort of mission what works best for you and your squad.

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