Is LOTR: Return to Moria Multiplayer? Explore Its Cooperative Features!

As we all wait for the release of Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria players are asking if there will be a multiplayer option so that they can play with their friends. We will take a look at what options Return to Moria is going to offer upon release.


What to Expect in Multiplayer Mode

Return to Morias multiplayer mode will allow you to team up with friends and other gamers. You will be able to travel through Moria and complete quests together. This allows communities to be able to play together on one or several worlds.


Hosting Multiplayer Saves

Return to Moria will not have any dedicated servers but have decided to do it a little different. Multiplayer saves will be hosted by one player, who can then invite others to join their game using a passcode.

moria entrance

Future Prospects for Team Play

The development team of Return to Moria are wanting to add different multiplayer options to the game at a later stage.


Return to Morias multiplayer allows friends and family to explore the mines of Moria together. While dedicated servers are absent initially, the innovative passcode system ensures a seamless Co-op experience. With the developers looking into other options, the game is sure to expand with different ways to play with your mates.

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