Long Load Times and Fog Wall Update in LOTR: Return to Moria

In the enchanting world of Middle-earth, where adventure awaits around every corner, the Lord of the Rings (LOTR) Return to Moria game has garnered a massive following of passionate players. There have been a couple of issues arising such as long load times, fog walls, and the bugged furnace countdown timer.

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Long Load Times

The biggest issue that has been reported is the long load times when changing areas. It is not uncommon to find yourself waiting a while on your journey back home with this time sometimes becoming a couple of minutes. This has been very frustrating for players and the developers are working hard to fix it.

long load times

Fog Walls

The next problem that has been happening is the fog walls that have been appearing in entrances. These walls have delayed players progress as you need to wait for them to go away or end up having to restart the game for them to disappear.

Fog Walls

Furnace Countdown

The third issue is the furnace countdown that bugs out. Sometimes the furnace seems to stop making players wonder what is going on. There is an easy workaround for this problem.

Players that have this happen to them are to destroy the furnace and build it again. You will not lose any resources doing this as all resources will drop when you destroy it. This is a temporary workaround until the developers can fix it permanently.

furnace countdown

Reporting Issues – Your Contribution Matters

If you experience any bugs or issues you can reach out to them via their support page. The more information you provide, the easier it becomes for the team to pinpoint and resolve these issues promptly.

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