Maiden Voyage

Maiden Voyage is the very first adventure you can do in Sea of Thieves. It is designed to help new players that have just started playing the game. It helps by teaching you the basics on a tutorial island. It will teach the player things such as learning how to catch and cook food and even following a map to dig up hidden treasure.

We have created an in-depth guide which will help you complete the basic tasks but also help you complete the commendations too, which gives you a bonus outfit, awards and Magpie’s Fortune Sails.

Maiden Voyage Commendations

There are a total of 10 commendations for the Maiden Voyage story, 2 of them are cosmetics, 7 of them are objectives to do when on Sailor’s Isle. Then, completing the end of the tutorial will give you the last commendation, which totals 10 commendations and gives you 100% completion. 

Unto the HorizonReach the Sea of Thieves
A Storied CrossingDiscover all 10 Pirate Lord’s Journals on Old Sailor Isle
Hidden SecretsOpen the hold of the Magpie’s Fortune
A Fine CatchCatch a fish on the Maiden Voyage
Yer BoatDiscover the rowboat on Old Sailor’s Isle
A Hearty MealCook some meat or fish on Old Sailor’s Isle
Saluting the Pirate LordFire a cannon from the wreck of the Magpie’s Fortune
The Adventure Begins…Complete all the Maiden Voyage Commendations
Pirate Lord’s JacketReach the Sea of Thieves
Magpie’s Fortune SailsComplete all the Maiden Voyage Commendations

Learning the Basics

First, you will end up on the island with the Pirate Lord. He will explain that you need to eat some food to replenish your health, so equip the banana and eat it, this will give you full health. Then go towards the tree and pick up the Cutlass Sword and attack the skeleton that comes alive.

Once you do this, head down to the beach and talk to the pirate lord again. He will give you the task of finding the treasure that he buried. Take the old shovel and the map and head to the location. It is North West from where you are. Use the compass and map to guide you to the right location.

Looking at the photo below, dig around this area for the treasure chest. To equip your shovel, either press, “6 Key” on the keyboard or open up your Item Radial (Q on PC or Left Bumper for XBOX), then the chest will start to appear.

Once you have dug up the treasure, we will now need to get the first Pirate Lord Journal. There are 10 in total on this island. As you see in the images below, head towards the shipwreck, and you will notice the journal in the water called ‘Regarding Merfolk’. Click on this and cycle through the information it gives you. 

Now, pick up the treasure chest and head back to the Pirate Lord. He will let you open it and take the equipment inside. Which will give you the other equipment and a flintlock pistol too. Select a piece of equipment from the equipment radial, and you have now completed the very basics, 

You can finish up with the island now by talking to the pirate lord and repairing your ship to get off the island, but we strongly advise you to stay on the island to collect the other journals and get the other commendations. 

Staying on the island

If you wish to stay on the island, simply turn around and go back up the island until you get to a pond. Equip your fishing rod and catch a fish, turn around and cook it in the cooking pot. 

This will give you 2 commendations, one for catching a fish and one for cooking the fish/meat.

Now go back to the pond, and head inside the waterfall that we have shown. You will find the second journal here. Read ‘The Sea of the Damned’, then come back out of the waterfall. 

Head up the island until you see a broken boat, then climb up the ladders that we marked in the image below and make your way up the stairs and get the third journal called ‘They Gave It A Name’.

Now turn around and climb up the mast to find the fourth journal, read the ‘Lost Secrets’ and head back down the ladders.

Once you are at the bottom of the ladders, drop off by the steering wheel and continue south across the bridge. When you cross the bridge you will find the fifth journal next to two broken wooden barrels, hidden in some grass.

The fifth journal is called ‘So Near and Yet’. Read this and then continue going up the ladders and stairs, before going up the final set of ladders. Open the red barrel which contains some cannonballs, make sure to take these, then finally head up the last set of ladders. 

You will need to fire one fireball to the other side at the island to get another commendation.

Once you have done this, then turn around and walk across the broken mast. You will see some water, dive inside it and pick up the hidden key, which is called the Old Sailor’s Key. We have shown some pictures below, so you can see where it is hidden. 

Come out of the water and walk back across the mast, look under the ship, and you will notice you can drop down to a locked door. Use the key and open it up. This will give you another commendation called the ‘Hidden Secrets’. 

When you enter the hidden area, you will discover lots of gold inside, which is around 25,000 in total from the 3 chests in there and the sixth journal ‘My Secret Plan’. Once you have read this, head on back out of the hidden area.

Follow the path that is ahead of you and if you look over the edge you will see a bridge, drop below, then drop down again next to a ladder to find the seventh book which is hidden in the grass. As seen in the images we have shown.

Head back up the ladders and now go across the bridge, take the left pathway and head all the way up to the top of the island. While running up to the top, you will notice a wooden door with a lever. Do not worry about this yet, we will come back to that.

Once you are at the top of the island, jump up on the rocks ahead, and you will find the eighth journal called ‘paintings from the past’.

Now head back down to the wooden door that we went past, pull the lever on the left and enter, you will notice a cooking pot. Now look to the left of it, and you will see the ninth journal, which is called ‘Making Camp’. Grab this and continue to follow it down.

Raise the anchor and this will lower the draw bridge. Continue to follow it down and now use the Pulley to open the final door. You will see a nice exit and a row boat.

Before heading onto the row boat to exit, follow the pathway left. Climb up the ladders, and you will find the tenth journal, which is called ‘A Ship That Fits’. This will give 10/10 Pirate Lord journals, which unlocks the ‘A Storied Crossing’ commendation.

Now go back down to the row boat and use it to head towards the Pirate lord. This will give you the last commendation that you can get on Sailor’s Isle, called ‘Yer Boat’ 

Fixing the Ship

Once you’ve spoken to the pirate lord, he will give you the task of fixing up the boat. Start by swimming across the water and boarding the ship.

Then begin by pulling on the ‘Sail Length’ rope and pulling up the mast. Once you’ve done this, go below deck and grab some wood. You will need to use this to repair the mast. 

A tip to get your wood out of your inventory on PC without opening up the equipment menu is by pressing “5 key”, This is very helpful later on when you are under attack by other players and can easily repair the boat.

Once you’ve repaired the mast, head below deck and scoop the water out with your bucket. You can do this by opening your inventory or pressing the “B key” for the bucket to equip it. Scoop it up and throw it out the back of the boat.

Leaving Sailor’s Isle

Now it’s finally time to sail out of here! Raise the anchor and drop the sails and jump on the wheel and start steering! Keep it straight and follow it forward while the story plays out.

You will come across a megalodon and a skeleton ship. Don’t panic too much. These both are more for “show” than anything. Just continue steering the boat forward. Eventually, the megalodon will disappear under the water and the skeleton ship gets taken by huge tentacles!

Continue sailing forward, and now it will go into a cutscene, and you will earn the last commendation, showing you the end of the story. Well done! You have now completed the Voyage Maiden.

If you have followed our guide correctly, head back into Maiden Voyage or even into the main game and check your pirate log, you will notice all the Commendations are completed, and you will unlock the Pirate Lord’s Jacket and Magpie’s Fortune Sails.

We hope you liked our Sea of Thieves Maiden Voyage Page. If you wish to see more Sea of Thieves content, check out our YouTube Channel or why not even join our discord for the latest information on other games.


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