Sea of Thieves 2 Possible Release Date? What We Know So Far!

Sea of Thieves 2 possible release date? Xbox’s beloved and fan favorite hit “Sea of Thieves” is speculated to have a sequel, but, as per Xbox Wire’s Rare Creative Director, Mike Chapman:

“I think 10 years of Sea of Thieves will feel like a long time–but also, we’ll blink and be there. And I think we’ll have unfinished business when we get to that point”

Before we get into the discussion of a possible exciting new chapter for Sea of Thieves, let’s first get to know the developer and the game itself.

What is Sea of Thieves anyway?

The first Sea of Thieves is a game for players who seek endless adventure and the salty air in their hair! A life of piracy and freedom. Fight to the death against other pirated and loot all kinds of rare treasures such as the fabled “Box of Wonderous Secrets”!

Band together with your buddies and form a mighty crew to rule the high seas!

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Who developed and published Sea of Thieves?

Sea of Thieves was developed by Rare and published by Microsoft and if there’s a Sea of Thieves 2 as per the rumors, it will also most likely be developed by Rare and published by Microsoft!

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What does this mean?

Not much was said about the game’s possible sequel but that doesn’t all mean that it’s not in the conversation! Although yes, it isn’t official or it hasn’t been hinted or announced at all, there is still a high chance that Sea of Thieves is indeed getting a sequel!

As of now, there is no concrete confirmation of Sea of Thieves 2 being in the works but from the first game’s hype and strength, it isn’t entirely impossible! There is a big chance that the developers may come out with a sequel.

Release date?

Rumor has it that Sea of Thieves 2 may be released sometime in the year 2026. That is IF the developers were to announce the game sooner but if not, the release date may be later than 2026.

For now, the best information we could gather would be that 2026 is most likely the release date if the developers will announce the game somewhere this year or 2024. Given that information, this is not official, however, the rumors circulating the release of Sea of Thieves 2 seem to be increasing in both fame and attention! Aside from this, 2026 being the possible release date also seem to be the most reasonable year!

The release date is completely up to the developers but that is still open to change.

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Is a sequel to be expected?

As of now, information on Sea of Thieves 2 and its announcement is still very limited although there are numerous rumors. For now, it is just safe to say that there is a high possibility of such.

What can we expect from the sequel?


Aside from a different storyline to follow or a different time setting, the sequel could have a different set of mechanics compared to its predecessor, Sea of Thieves.

Sea of Thieves already has an amazing system of combat but Sea of Thieves 2’s combat system could have more mechanics and strategies for players to enjoy and learn. This would be one of the biggest differences if you were to compare the two games! There could be a new weapon to use aside from your typical guns and canons or there could also be a new melee weapon! The list of possibilities is endless!

sea of thieves 2 possible release date - story

Bounty Hunting

Another one of Sea of Thieves 2’s unique features would be the inclusion of Bounty Hunting. Like all RPG games and Multiplayer games, thieves and cons exist and Sea of Thieves also has its fair share of them! Having a Bounty system would not only level the playing field but it would also give the game a whole new feel! Hunting down thieves for a good sum of cash and if you’re a thief yourself, live a life on the run and be an outlaw!

This mechanic can also bring more people together as they hunt for thieves and griefers trying to steal from people who got their booty fair and square! Join together and hunt for the goons and claim your reward!

Another thing about the Bounty system would be the other side of the conversation which is players having the opportunity to have the roles of Thieves! It is Sea of Thieves after all.

With the Bounty system, other players can not only be hunters but they can also have the chance to be the thieves to be caught! Where’s the fun in getting caught? Running and don’t get caught in the first place! The more you steal, the more wanted you are, and the more you run, the more chances to steal!

As for the hunters, the more they hunt, the more known they become among the hunters as well as the more money they get from it! Could be so much fun huh?

sea of thieves 2 possible release date - characters 2

Brand New Weapons

Aside from the new Combat and Bounty systems, players may be able to enjoy a new set of weapons to use against their enemies or to protect their loot!

Weapons from the first Sea of Thieves may also make a comeback as well as other treasures from the original game but aside from the OGs, there would be many more little toys to enjoy like new canons, guns, swords, knives, everything!

sea of thieves 2 possible release date - weapons

Animal Buddies!

In the original Sea of Thieves, players can befriend a bunch of animals as their sidekicks in adventures ranging from man’s best friend, dogs to even fun little birds!

Sea of Thieves 2 could have way more in terms of animal familiars perhaps a rare dragon or a cat with a rare pattern! Aside from the animals themselves, some basic animals could have different rarity to them. For example, a player could find a rare class dog to have as their friend.

sea of thieves 2 possible release date - pets

Possible Differences Between Sea of Thieves and Sea of Thieves 2: Speculations!

The two games, Sea of Thieves and Sea of Thieves 2 could have minimal differences in characters, mechanics, and weaponry. However, there is a possibility that the storylines for the two games are largely different. After all, it isn’t good to have the same thing for two different games!

We’d love to see Sea of Thieves 2 become a massively multiplayer game where players will be able to explore vast open worlds without the limitations we see in the current game. Removing the “lobby” style game we see now and introducing large servers capable of hosting many more players. Potentially even larger ships!?

Yes! Sea of Thieves 2 would also likely be having brand-new graphics as well as a more realistic feel to bring that life of pirating to life for players. With this, players can expect to enjoy way more of the life of piracy in Sea of Thieves 2. For now, we should all stay tuned and await the next chapter of adventure at sea.

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