The Guide to Dark and Darker Warlock

The Guide to Dark and Darker Warlock

Welcome to The Guide to Dark and Darker Warlock. As Dark and Darker was released without warning or no real announcement. A new class has come with the launch. The excitement was at an all-time high. with recent rumors and leaked screenshots and a purchase option on the website. We didn’t want to get too excited and set our expectations too high. But it is here!

The Guide to Dark and Darker Warlock

Before you Jump into Warlock

When creating a character there are two symbols below the Bard and Warlock classes. These classes are the latest additions to Dark and Darker and they require either Bluestone Shards or Redstone Shards to unlock. To obtain 5 Bluestone Shards you can purchase the Standard Edition. You can get both the Blue and Redstones by buying the Hold the Line Edition.

You can purchase Redstone Shards from the in-game store. Bluestone Shards, on the other hand, can be earned while playing Dark and Darker. By leveling up your triumph level you will unlock Bluestone Shards to unlock more cosmetics or one of the two classes. To level up your triumph level you must escape the dungeons, The harder the difficulty dungeon, the more triumph experience you earn.

The Guide to Dark and Darker Warlock

What the Warlock Starts With

As a Warlock you begin with a basic kit comprising a staff and a healing potion. However, you have a diverse array of weapons at your disposal, including falchions, longswords, and even bardiches. It appears you are a hybrid character capable of casting potent spells to maintain distance while possessing formidable combat skills for close-range encounters.

How the Warlock Works

The Warlock class can use both magic and melee weapons such as swords. Its magic weakens enemies and buffs the warlock but costs him health in return.

The Guide to Dark and Darker Warlock

How The Warlock Plays

Day One experiences have been very hit-and-miss, you can either put a lot of pressure on your enemies with your damage over time and debuffing abilities, which means you can get out of the fight, try to heal, and reset if needed. But like many other classes at low level without using all the perks available, and the starter gear, you feel incredibly squishy and can’t really hold your own in a melee fight. You can’t fight far distances against Rangers and Mages, But that doesn’t mean with some gear and more experience on how to fight I’m sure the Warlock will be able to hold their own.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Keeping some distance between your enemies seems to be a good start, but not too much as your spells have a range limit, Applying the debuffs available to you will help them hit less or even heal you whilst you can fight the melee style brawl, with Access to a wide range of weapons to use the choice is yours on your melee fighting style, the weapons you can use currently;

  • Falchion
  • Halberd
  • Longsword
  • Zwiehander
  • Arming Sword
  • Quarterstaff
  • Bardiche
  • Wizard Staff
  • Crystal Sword
  • Crystal Ball
  • Spellbook

My personal favorites are both the Longsword and Quarterstaff for the ability to block with a spellbook accompanying the two-handed weapons.

The Guide to Dark and Darker Warlock

Completely New Class style

So far the warlock doesn’t really compare to any other classes in Dark and Darker, I thought it may play much like a wizard with Dark magic, but your damage output is nothing close to a Wizard. With the ability to fight in melee combat it could be a new form of ‘dark Cleric’ but still with the defenses of the Cleric’s spells and the option to wear plate armour the Cleric is definitely able to hold its own compared to a Warlock. The warlock feels like a strong contender for team fight tactics by applying debuffs on the enemy at range. Having one of your team to make sure they stay away from you helps the warlock drastically, with starter gear you may be at risk of being 2-shot by most melee characters.

If you’re interested in a more in-depth look at the skills available to the new Warlock class why not watch this video below.


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