Bandersnatch – Nightingale Creature

Let me introduce you to The Bandersnatch. With their rat like tails, raptor like legs and bifurcated mouth these creatures are a grizzly blend of many retched beasts.

Bandersnatch - Nightingale


These creatures use echo location not only to navigate but to also co-ordinate with their deadly hunting pack. Be careful if you come across a single Bander because its likely their pack is close by!

Bandersnatch - Nightingale

Players will most likely be able to pick up on their bat-like screeches before they attack, if they listen carefully enough.

Bandersnatch - Nightingale

The Nightingale Compendium has an entry about the Bandersnatch.

“She runs so fearfully quick. You might as well try to catch a Bandersnatch!” – Traditional Saying

It is a rare creature indeed that has no parallels in Earthly mythology. Yet the Bandersnatch’s giant rat tail, its vestigial wing-forelimbs, the bifurcated mouth, the unseeing eyes, the reptilian legs… it is far beyond the imaginings of anyone but Hieronymous Bosch.

This creature lives in the the dark corners of the Realms, moving horribly between the shadows. The creatures hunt in packs, coordinating and navigating through echolocation. A Realmwalker of sensitive hearing might well pick up their lupine bat like shrieks before an attack begins.

Bandersnatch Copendium

The Realm Cards play a big park in Nightingale, take a look at what they are all about here.


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