What can you expect building in Nightingale?

With the recent discord developer Q&A for nightingale we got some new information and clarity on the subject of building in Nightingale.

Buildings will be huge implements as both defensive and offensive measures, for example as a platform to fight larger creatures from.

Your bases and buildings will only be attacked when you’re near them as you are the games intended target, where you are the danger follows.

Placing down a schematic causes a blueprint to be put in place. With an outline requiring resources to be put in to finish the blueprint off. With several tiers of building and a host of cosmetic options you can customize your builds endlessly, some cosmetic items are bound to have small functional jobs like furniture allowing for more roleplay options when building in nightingale.

Building in Nightingale

Building in Nightingale

Player build structures can be destroyed by you or other members of your party for a partial refund of the original build cost, alternatively you can upgrade structures to higher tiers instead of placing a whole new piece. Be careful of the creatures that may approach your buildings too.

You can build whatever you like as long as the landscape allows it, meaning you can build in some pretty interesting spots along POI’s or highly defendable spots.

Building in Nightingale

From the get go players will have access to a small selection of basic crafting recipes and schematics allowing them to place down a small initial base from which to continue their adventure. Further schematics can be obtained by completing quests gathering certain resources and talking with the world’s various NPC characters. We hope you enjoyed this look into Building in Nightingale.


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