Where To Get Leather Straps In Nightingale

Welcome to a guide on how to get Leather Straps in Nightingale. We will go over everything you need form resources to the station you’ll have to use.

leather straps in nightingale

Leather Straps In Nightingale


For leather straps in Nightingale, all you need is x1 Animal Hide. Animal hide can be obtained by hunting and skinning an animal. Despite sounding easy, sometimes this is not the case. Animals in Nightingale move around a lot so hunting and spotting them may be a bit of a challenge and some of them aren’t as friendly as you think. There are 2 types of animals that you can Hide from, Predator and Prey

  • Deer (prey) – Deer travel in herds and are not aggressive. However, they are very skittish and shy. Approaching these animals will make them run and they run quite fast and far. Using a Slingbow (Crossbow) is the best way to kill this animal but if you don’t have one, use an axe and chase them on foot.
  • Bear (predator) – Bears spawn alone but like wolves, they are very aggressive. Using an Axe or a Slingbow (Crossbow) is highly suggested.
  • Wolf (predator) – Wolves spawn in packs of 3 to 4 and are very aggressive. Using an Axe is the best way to defeat this animal and claim its loot. When in attack mode, these animals rapidly lunge at players, dealing high damage.
  • Boar (prey) – Boars typically spawn in groups of 3. They are not aggressive unless you get too close. Fighting them off using an Axe is the best way as they move just as fast as wolves.


In getting Animal Hide, you will need two tools. A weapon (can be an Axe or a Slingbow) and a Hunting Knife. It is technically possible to use anything as a weapon in Nightingale but for Straps, it is best to use damaging tools such as an Axe or a Slingbow. After finding and taking down an animal, you will then need the Hunting Knife to claim your loot from the body.

Required Crafting Station

To create Leather Straps in Nightingale, you’ll need to have a Tanning Station. Once you’ve for your Animal Hide, you can then use the Tanning Station to process the Hide. x1 Animal Hide crafts x2 Leather Straps in Nightingale.

tanning station
leather straps recipe

Tanning Station Recipe

Before we create Leather Straps in Nightingale, of course, we’ll need the station. To do this, let’s go over what you need to create the Tanning Station in Nightingale.

station recipe
  • x6 Sticks
  • x10 Plant Fiber

You can get all of these ingredients by foraging outside! Once you have everything, take a look in your Guidebook and click the “Building” section. Scroll down and pick the Tanning Station from the Basics and Repair section. If you don’t have the Tanning Station yet, you may have to find the Recipe for it first. It is highly recommended to stock up on Animal Hides as it may be a bit difficult to find Animals to hunt the next time you go hunting. Even so, you don’t need much for Straps.


Q: What can I use Leather Straps in Nightingale for?

A: Several recipes require you to use Straps such as the Simple Hammer for repairing buildings, Simple Hunting Knife for skinning, and all of the Simple tools such as Simple Axe, Mining Pick, Climbing Pick, Hunting Knife, and more.

Q: How long does it take for me to make Leather Straps on a Tanning Station?

A: After crafting Straps in Nightingale, you’ll then have to wait 3 seconds. The more you need, the more time you’re going to have to wait. For example, 6 pieces of Leather Straps is about 18 seconds of waiting.

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