New "Realmwalker's Journey" Trailer from The Game Awards featured image

New “Realmwalkers Journey” Trailer from The Game Awards

Recently at the 2022 The Game Awards show we were treated to a beautiful new “Realmwalkers Journey” Trailer. Lets recap on what was shown!

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Save Yourself. Survive the Realms. Rebuild What Was Lost…

The new trailer was presented in partnership with Intel. The trailer unveils an assortment of new gameplay features, Also offering an in-depth look at how players can take their journey both above and below land in Nightingale. Cave systems will allow players to explore the depths of the Realms, where danger and discoveries await those willing to take some risks. Use your umbrella to glide across the skies of the Fae Realms. A lot of these encounters and biomes will be decided with Realm Cards.

Realmwalkers Journey

New "Realmwalker's Journey" Trailer from The Game Awards cave image


These subterranean locations within the game can be anything from caves to underground abandoned Fae ruins, with various encounters. More will be shown on the topic of encounters as development progresses.

New "Realmwalker's Journey" Trailer from The Game Awards Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

Realmwalkers will be able to equip special gear that allows players to scale up vertical rock faces.

New "Realmwalker's Journey" Trailer from The Game Awards umbrella


Umbrellas can be used for a lot more than hiding from the rain! Realmwalkers will also be able to enchant their umbrellas. As a result allowing them to glide from high up places.

New Shockwave Spell

If you are like many Realmwalkers that have been keeping an eye on the game, you may also have seen teases of wisp-like spells. However we now receive the opportunity to see some of these spells in action!

Eoten Variants

Some of the Realm’s creatures will have unique variants as a result of biomes. Keep an eye out for these special Eoten while on your journey!

Flamespitter Bound

This new bound type is a bit of a hot head, and joins the 10+ other Bound variants which spawn at night and during other special encounters. Realmwalkers Journey

This concludes the New “Realmwalkers Journey” Trailer from The Game Awards for Nightingale. However, you can watch the full video here!


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