Nightingale 2022 Year in Review

In a recent official post from the Inflexions Nightingale team, they took at look at everything that happened for them over 2021-22. Mostly looking at where they have showcased the game. This has been Nightingale 2022.

They said “Next month Inflexion’s Reflections will return to diving into the ongoing development and what the team have been up to but for now let’s take a look back at 2022.”

This is exciting as we’re all eager to see more on what Nightingale can offer and if we will soon see a final release date or Open Beta. They also recently posted their latest Dev Q&A.

The Game Awards 2021

We’re cheating already, as this was little over a year ago. But The Game Awards 2021 was where it all started. Nightingale was announced and we introduced the world to the wondrous Fae Realms and all the dangers that they hold. Now, take a step back and revisit your introduction to Puck and the intrepid Realmwalkers. 

IGN Fan Fest

A couple of months after The Game Awards, CEO Aaryn Flynn and Director of Art and UX Neil Thompson joined IGN for a closer look at the game. They also debuted new footage, and a fresh look at some of the ghastly inhabitants of the Realms. 

PC Gamer Cover

In May we were fortunate enough to feature on the cover of PC Gamer magazine. In the issue we gave PC Gamer insight into development, delved deeper into gameplay and shared new images and details on how players will be able to inhabit the role of the Realmwalker. You can still grab a digital copy here

Nightingale 2022

Summer Game Fest

The next major look at Nightingale came in June, when we debuted a new trailer at Summer Game Fest. This was where we introduced a key mechanic from the game: Realm Cards. Players gather resources and craft arcane Realm Cards that unlock new Realms to explore. If you want more information on Realm Cards you can read this blog by Senior System Designer, Alexei Pepers.

Realmwalker Journals

As we got into the summer we started putting out our own spin on the developer diary. The Nightingale Journal offered a closer look at some of the key features  in the game. To date we’ve released ‘The World of the Realmwalkers’ and ‘Realm Cards’ with more to come in 2023. 

Dev Updates

In an effort to deliver more regular developer updates to the community, our very own Steph took to the camera for our new series of ‘Dev Updates’. Taking a look at UE5, revealing new features, and getting your questions answered by the studio team, prepare for more in the months ahead. 

Closed Alpha Playtests

Our long-awaited Closed Alpha playtest started in late Summer, where the first players were invited to test the game and give the studio feedback on the experience. This has been an invaluable resource for the studio, with all your feedback making a real impact on the continued development and evolution of the game. We’re continuing to run Closed Alpha playtests, so head to to sign up (via the newsletter link) and be part of Nightingale’s development. 

Edge Cover

Finishing off the year with two incredibly cool updates. Firstly, we were honored to feature on the cover of Edge magazine, with Puck’s pointy ears gracing the front image. Inside the magazine you’ll find an in-depth feature that chats about the depths of gameplay players can look forward to, as well as a host of new imagery. You can grab an issue here.

Nightingale 2022 Edge magazine

The Game Awards 2022

Finally, we’re back where we started. The Game Awards once again allowed us to bring Nightingale to the stage, with all sorts of new features unveiled including magic-enhanced weaponry, rock climbing, caves, and gliding – courtesy of your trusty umbrella. 

That’s it for Nightingale 2022. They will be back in 2023 with more news and cool things to share with everyone.


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