Nightingale Release Date 

If you’re excited to learn about the Nightingale release date you’re in the right place, today we take a closer look at Nightingale: 

Nightingale is a first-person, PVE, open-world survival crafting game played solo or cooperatively with friends. Build, craft, fight and explore as you venture through mystical portals into a variety of amazing and fantastical realms.

You are stranded beyond our world, cut off by the collapse of the arcane portal network. This catastrophe has left you fighting to survive in a labyrinth of beautiful and dangerous Fae realms.

Your goal: become a skilled Realmwalker, and navigate the web of trans dimensional portals. Only then can you discover your way to the magical city of Nightingale, the last known bastion of humanity.

Nightingale Release Date - A realmwalker holding a rifle infront of a realm portal

Nightingale Release Date 

After a release date pushed back in late 2022 we have been looking forward to getting another firm release date from the team behind nightingale. sadly so far we’ve not had any word regarding one. The current release window for early access is still “Somewhere in 2023” and no dates on a full release have even been speculated.

We can’t wait to set out on a journey of survival and adventure, into the mysterious and dangerous Fae Realms of Nightingale! We look forward to becoming an intrepid Realmwalker, and venture forth alone or with friends. As we explore, craft, build and fight across a visually stunning Gaslamp Fantasy world.

A city landscape in nightingale release date

If you’re excited about Nightingale release date make sure to check out our FAQ and Realm Cards page


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