October Dev QA

The previous Dev QA’s have been awesome and really insightful to us understanding more about Nightingale. Here we have the October Dev QA.

In this QA we learn that creatures will likely try to kill each other as well as you! Predators will attack prey, for example.

“[Inflexion] Steph H: TIL dev answers only like to come out during the night during spooky season. 🌑🎃 Thank you once again to everyone who submitted and upvoted questions.

As per usual, these answers reflect the current state of development. As we go through development, future playtests and throughout the early access launch, some of these answers may change or be redundant. We’ll do our best to communicate changes as they happen.

If your question was not answered this time, please feel free to resubmit it in the next round.” But for now, here is the October Dev QA.


Q. Will we be able to build structures in abnormal places? (e.g. cliff faces, big trees, cave ceilings, etc.) / Will we be allowed to build anywhere in any given Realm?

A. There are some structure placement rules – sharp incline angles, objects blocking placement, certain pieces can only be added to others, etc – but otherwise you will be allowed to build pretty much anywhere

Q. Will we be able to change the colour of things? Like, if we get a table and it’s black, will we be able to paint it green to match our decor? More importantly a nuanced colour change, so it’s not just a flat green, but something that looks like it was supposed to be green.

A. We’ll reveal more about customization options in future

Q. Will we be able to build more than ONE home base or outpost on any given Realm?

A. At the moment, you can only have 1 respite point at a time (think: respawn / home base), but you can build multiple structures anywhere in the realms

Q. Are we going to be able to name chests we place in our base? Or signage to indicate which chest has what in them?

A. It’s not something that’s currently in the game, but it’s an interesting suggestion!

Source: Official Nightingale Discord

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Combat Systems

Q. There was some mention of ‘discoveries’ unlocking recipes for crafting and that players are likely to have a variety unlocked between them. Do you have plans for rare / challenging discoveries such as boss weapons or rare decoration sets? Or are players expected to end up unlocking most / all discoveries through basic gameplay?

A. Part of the goal is to reward players exploring and taking on tougher challenges

Q. I was curious how deep the spells will be in Nightingale will there be a large variety of attack as well as support spells or will it be very simple? Like Wind, fire, all that kind of thing?

A. That is an interesting question. I will answer by saying we will be aiming for a large variety. At the start of early access its probably something like ~10 but we will continue adding them. We are planning a variety of spells ranging from utility, to combat. We believe it is a major part of the Realmwalker fantasy.

Crafting October Dev QA

Q. How will itemization work in this game? Will there be any variance in item stats/rarity? Can weapons or tools be found in the realms, or are they strictly crafted?

A. This seems like a great topic for a future community update!

Difficulty / Progression

Q. When you start or spawn into nightingale, do you have some sort of main missions on what to do or is everything something you will have to find out yourself and that it is more free roaming around the realms?

A. Like most survival crafting games, Nightingale provides players a lot of freedom in what you want to pursue as a goal, and how you can complete it. However, through NPC/Quests there is also a narrative progression that players can pursue.

Lore & World Building

Q. Music. Will different realms have different ambiance music? Court themes? Creature themes?

A. Yes – we are planning on 1) Bespoke Biome themes, 2) areas like the fae ruins, tower, caves etc. 3) Apexes will have their own combat music.


Q. Are creatures ever trying to kill each other? Or do they just gang up against the player when they near?

A. Over time you’ll discover the relationship between various creatures – but yes, for example predators will attack prey, etc

Q. there was mention of different fae factions that appear to be based on season, with the winter being one that doesn’t really like humans and made the bound. will we be able to interact with all of the factions and if so will it have any impact on the gameplay or be more for lore / just chatting

A. Most Fae and humans organize themselves into factions, with more being introduced over the course of your Realmwalking adventures! All factions, whether Fae or human, can provide opportunities for lore and storytelling. Part of the mystery, though, is to uncover who is friend and who is foe in the realms – and who can help you play the way you’d like to.

Q. If a Skyfaller falls in the forest, do the Eoten make a sound?

A. Only if they have the right qua-leaf-ications.

Player Character October Dev Q&A

Q. How much can we customize our characters physical appearance not so much clothes but like body builds can we make a heavier chunky kinda character or varying heights? Or will all characters except for npcs share the same generic body model with little input on its overall build and shape besides your face? Some of the few games ives seen in recent years that lets you delve into that aspect is red dead 2 and its online and maybe ark?( though i wouldn’t expect anything as exaggerated as arks body sliders)

A. We’ll have more details on character creation and customization in future.

Q. Can we have multiple characters?

A. At the moment, players can create 3 characters. You can only play with one at at time. We have not decided if this number is final yet.

october dev QA


Q. When opening up portals, will there be ‘invalid’ combinations of cards that open up portals to an empty realm, or limbo, or accidently allows things to invade your realm until you can close it?

A. Potentially in future. Initially it will be more about players learning how they can find various card recipes and use combinations of those to explore realms

Q. Is there going to be a building limiter ? , like in tribes of Midgard were only allowed to place down so many structures including crafting tables etc

A. We’re still exploring the limits of the system – likely there will be some limits for performance reasons, and we’ll share more on this when we settle on it (at least for start of early access

We’ve put together all the information we can around Realm Cards here.


Q. Apologies if this has been asked already, but I didn’t see it in the chat– Will you have a limited inventory/will excess inventory slow you down?

A. You do have limited inventory and there is an encumbrance system – we will reveal more about this in future

Q. Will there be a discovery system implemented? The idea behind this would be like our character having a journal and everytime we discover a new creature, realm combination, biome, etc – a new entry is made in our journal. Maybe each entry appears to be made by us – via hand drawings, scribbles, a made up name [aka the name the devs have given them] we have given to each creature, etc. I highly suggest this way. It fits the theme, feels immersive, and adds personality to our character and the story itself. (edited)

A. Players have a journal that will track what they’ve discovered, and hint at what else is there for them to find

Q. How customisable will the UI be? The hope is that I can turn on/off any elements that I wish, move them about on the screen to any position, etc. (edited)

A. UI is something that will continue to evolve until start of early access (and beyond) – we can share more details closer to launch

Q. The developers and production team have worked hard Want to know if Chinese will appear in the beta version?? Or do we need to wait for stability before developing Chinese?

A. We’re not 100% sure which localization options will make it into the initial early access launch at this time, but Chinese is on our list to include during the early access period if it doesn’t make that first launch.


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