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Puck’s Post: A Monument Riddle

With the recent Puck’s Post coming from the Nightingale discord. We’ve gotten a quick sneak peak at the history of Nightingale and its lore through a Nightingale Riddle. Below you can find a quick breakdown of said riddle and an explanation for those that couldn’t decipher it themselves. Warning: Spoilers Ahead.

Puck’s Post : A Monument Riddle

Puck’s post

“Upon the emerald grass in Salisbury Plain lies a broken weathered ring,

The sarsen sentinels keeping a silent watch.

Tales of wizards and kings abound.

From Mount Killaraus to Waun Mawn.

When the moon and sun share the sky in equal measure.

The gates of stone open to worlds unknown. Where might one find this Earthly Portal?”

With the question in the Nightingale Riddle being: “Where might one find this Earthly Portal?”

The main places of interest within the first part of this riddle (Salisbury plain, Mount Killaraus and Waun Mawn) all relate to Stonehenge. Salisbury plain is a chalk plateau in the south western part of central England. Covering about 300 Square Miles, home of the mythical Stonehenge. Mount Killaraus traces back to an Arthurian legend and is believed to be an sacred Irish site and the original birthplace of Stonehenge. Waun Mawn is believed to have housed a Neolithic stone circle like Stonehenge but this specific one was disassembled somewhere around 2100 BC leaving only 4 stones behind, with a theory that the other stones had been moved from Waun Mawn to the Salisbury plains to construct Stonehenge.



We can with certainty say we have got the where zeroed in: Stonehenge. Now let’s focus on the when, the second part of Puck’s Post.

Within the second part of the riddle we get treated to this line:
“When the moon and sun share the sky in equal measure, The gates of stone open to worlds unknown.”

Giving us a pretty good idea of the when: The only time earth has moon and sun in equal measure would be during the daily occurrence known as “Twilight”, the period of time before sunrise and after sunset, in which the world is partially illuminated by the sun, being neither totally dark or completely lit.

Now that we have the where and the when we can safely consider this mystery solved: Visit Stonehenge during twilight to watch the gates of stone open to worlds unknown.

We Will see you there Realmwalker. Puck’s Post.

Puck’s Post

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