Nightingale Realm Cards: A system

September Dev QA

The Nightingale Devs confirm they are keen to deliver a rich and varied set of recipes for us to use in their in depth cooking system in the September Dev QA.

“[Inflexion] Steph H: Thank you once again to everyone who submitted and upvoted questions.

As per usual, these answers reflect the current state of development. As we go through development, future playtests and throughout the early access launch, some of these answers may change or be redundant. We’ll do our best to communicate changes as they happen.

If your question was not answered this time, please feel free to resubmit it in the next round.”

September Dev QA


Building September Dev QA

Q. When it comes to attacks on our estate, what kind of warning ahead of the attack will we have so we can avoid being in a different realm when it starts? Or is this part of the survival risk we have to balance with our defenses?

A. Currently we are not implementing attacks that take place when you are not home. Risk to your estate comes either when you are connecting to another realm, or at night being attacked. The latter is something players will be able to mitigate in their estate.

Q. Will there be upgradeable structure and traps for base defending?

A. You’ll definitely be able to upgrade your structures. We’re looking at physical traps but TBD whether they’ll be available at the start of Early Access.

Combat September Dev QA

Q. Some firearms will be present in nightingale how customizable are they and how realistic will they be?, will we have many modifications?

A. The firearm gameplay customization comes ammo types as well as their base type. i.e. A revolver is different from a break action rifle and could be using slugs, birdshot, or fire ammo. The resources you use to craft the firearms determine various attributes, like damage, weight, or durability.

Crafting September Dev QA

Q. How in-depth the cooking system is going to be? Is it a cook a meat and carrot to make a full meal, or will we have to gather 3 different vegetables, meat, spices, etc? Will there be different ingredients found in different realms? Maybe as mentioned above a recipe will call for 3 different vegetables, etc, but they won’t be recipe-specific, but realm-specific. So you could craft a similar-but-different recipe in each realm.

A. Cooking is something we know players can have a lot of fun with, so we’re keen to deliver a rich and varied set of recipes. An easy example of how recipes work is Fire Roasted Food. You can get Fire Roasted Berries, or Fire Roasted Mushrooms. They will each restore hunger, but the bonuses are different because you used different ingredients. In terms of the breadth of recipes and ingredients, that’s still expanding.

Progression September Dev QA

Q. Will there be leveling up and skill trees?

A. There is no leveling mechanic in the game. Progression will be based on the recipes, materials, and encounters Realmwalkers discover. We’re still working on overall balance at the moment, so we’ll have a better idea of how users progress closer to the launch.

Nightingale Realm Cards: A system

Player Character September Dev QA

Q. Character advancement / specialization. Will there be character advancement options where one may specialize in certain areas such as combat, crafting, exploration/gathering, etc.? Or other character optimizations that promote group finding and play.

A. The player characters abilities and stats are taken from the items they are using. Players will be able to specialize their gameplay capabilities through their loadout. Players will not always have the same discoveries unlocked, which allows them to craft items or construct buildings. By working together to build estates, they have access to more items.

Q. Will there be a Role selection when creating your character, such as Farmer, Hunter, Explorer… Or will it be an attribute system, such as stamina, intelligence, health…

A. You’ll be able to select a character role during character creation, but this offers a narrative background (as well as a unique outfit). We’re still working on any gameplay implications, but we believe they will be minor at launch.


Realms September Dev QA

Q. Are we always in control of when a portal closes or is there some kind of timer/other controller that determines how long a portal stays open?

A. You’re in control of how long the portal is open, and you’ll be able to decide when you cut-off access to the realm. If the realm isn’t set as a respite point and you close it, you’ll permanently lose access to that realm (although, there will be a 10 minute timer before it’s permanently lost in the inter-realmic void)

Q. About how long will one day/night cycle last?

A. This depends on the type of Realm Cards you play, but you can expect roughly a 60 min full day/night cycle.

Q. What happens when you die from other realm then the realm your estate(base) is? would you respawn back at ur base realm and won’t be able to get back to the realm you were previously on?

A. When you die you’ll return to your last respite point. That will most likely be your base. If that is in another realm from the realm you died in, then you’ll have to go back through the portal to get to that realm.

Servers September Dev QA

Q. How will servers work? Will the game be locally hosted on player’s computers / private servers that anyone can set up / or will it be limited to official servers only?

A. For the start of Early Access it’ll be official servers.

Survival September Dev QA

Q. Will there be animations for things like skinning a sanglier (boar)? Or will the resources just be added to our inventories?

A. Currently the player needs to interact with the creature with their skinning knife and then collect the resources.

Q. Are navigational tools player character held items or are they more UI-based overlays like a compass/menu map?

A. More UI-based overalys like a map/compass, but players will be able to craft a spyglass as well.

Misc September Dev QA

Q. Will we have a gameplay showing how the game is currently this year?

A. Yes. We’ll be dropping more gameplay footage towards the end of the year.

Q. Similar to Sea of Thieves, will we be able to play instruments in down time?

A. Not at early access, but its a cool idea for later.

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