Introducing: The Achlis

First picture of an Achlis ever taken

This is an Achlis, its native to the fae realms of nightingale. and mostly lived as a myth until it was finaly photographed in 1885. Its skittish nature makes it hard to study or capture. so little is known about it. Its horns and tails seem to be made of plant based materials. suggesting it’s some type of plant to animal hybrid. At the start of their playthrough players should be smart quietly approaching these hybrids in order to score a kill on them and secure their next meal.

Introducing: The Achlis

A player taking aim looking to kill an Achlis for his next meal

If the Achlis spiked your intrest in more news or posts regarding the many animals within nightingale make sure to check out our FAQ or our post about the Brippo


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